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Posted:i was browsing around you tube when i came across this its a show that combines kangaroo stilts pyrotechincs and generaly managages to come off as incredably silly i love to bits i only wish i'ed thought of it first biggrin

My nunchucks vital statictics biggrin

weight: 500g
handle lenght: 16 inches
chain length: 2 inches


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Posted:that was beyond awsome
thanks for showing hug hug hug

Have you ever notice that poi is spelled backwords on the key board.............................................creepycool


eat my face before i eat yours
Location: Torquay, UK
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Posted:hahah wicked, my lady louwoo has just got a pair. will be making her take them to faly 6. yaya!

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Posted:i wish i can hsve that but it is not cheap..


former manc tour guide
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Posted:That is crazy in all sorts of fun ways, thanks for sharing Rob biggrin

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