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Hello, I'm moving to Vancouver at the end of August and i'm looking for a poi-friendly place to rest my head!

My boyfriend is coming out at the end of September, so I'm ideally looking for a room for one month until we get a place together. I'm looking in the Commercial Drive/Main Street area. I'm studying at UBC so anywhere near there is also good! $600 rent max

I'm from London and I've been hanging with the Spits crew for the past year, learning poi and teaching hooping. I'm 24, female, interested in the arts, music, meeting people and learning. I'm veggie and I love to cook. I'd love a house with a calm, friendly, laid back atmosphere and shared responsibility for the cleaning etc.

If anyone has a room to rent or knows of anyone - please let me know! its really hard to find somewhere when you're not in the city, and any help is appreciated, thank you* ubbangel

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heya, did you post on the Craigs List site? Always a good choice to get Vancouverites attention, and on Tribe too...

Good luck, hope to see you sometime in Van!Or come visit Salt Spring if you get a chance!

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