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i recieved my first set of poi last week, these are poipoi cobra's.....and i'm in love! they look and feel amazing to spin (definately a bit of a workout!!) i've been learning moves from the poipoi tuition just wondering if anyone else has checked out these videos???? as they seem to be the clearest i've found.... can anyone suggest any other sites that are any better i've already checked out spherculism but am having trouble viewing anything

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I have a list of various links in my profile here on HoP, as well as a more focused tutorial link list on Tribe.net:


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[Old link]

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Hi I'm new to HOP too. Thanks for the poipoi tutorials link, Eled - that's really useful. I've learned loads of moves from a book I have but seeing them on video can really make the difference for some of the moves.

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i too just recieved a new set of black and red cobras, never had ones with tails before.... i found it useful to watch as many poi vids on www.youtube.com as i could, half of them are balls but some of them are really excellent to learn from...out of interest has any one tried airwraps with cobras ? i cant get them to work but maybe im just being crap at it (and yes i can do them with my other poi with no tails :P )

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a lot of the tutorials on poipoi arnt there unfortunately. I though my poipoi cobra 2 were crap personally. The clasp kept on coming undone and the heads fell off. Far easier with strings or some nylon handels with O link from here

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Airwraps just don't seem to work very well with tailed poi. I think it's that the air resistance makes the poi slow down too much in the middle of the hyperloop.

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