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ive been asked to do a poi workshop at an event.
do you have any idea of wholesalers/manufacturers who would sell me a bunch of swivels/ other stuff you need for poi????????????
and whats best for the head of the poi?
tennis ball
or i saw this design with a foamy material.
What ya think?
juggle ubbidea

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If you make sock poi it'll be miles easier and cheaper. Big stripey socks are normally only 1 or 2 quid from markets, and if you're buying a load I bet they'd cut you a bit of a deal. Then just buy a ton of rice and away you go smile

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I make them with tennis balls , pretty string and leather handles. Works out at less than $3 AUS. Then use surveyors tape. I have a big piercing tool though to put the hole through.

I dont use swivels for these poi, I use shortish tails as these people arent going to keep it up and if they do they can get better ones then.

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