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So im in a bit of a pickle here....
i am how we say in the sane world a MAN,and im having a bit of trouble getting my poi stuff togheter and obtaining my decency

about 2 weeks ago i finally constructed my first training poi,which were made from two punctured tenis balls attached to a chain and 2 strings.however im getting the impression i should start out training with socks!

the problem is,as a MAN i have only regular socks,even my longer ones(for football/soccer or winter)are hellouva short,and so i need longer female stocking or something

the problem well to buy one of those?

1.problem is presented when i walk inside a store for ladies underwear,because of my age im frowned upon as a horny teenager or a boyfried who thinks underwear is a sexy gift

2.almost everything thats long as a leg inside the stores is in packaging,with nice pictures on them,now how am i supposed to inspect the quality,durability and lenght of the thing if i cant open it

3.costs! how much do these people chare for a lousy pair of socks! my wallet is running low as it is and i cant afford to pay more than 4 Euros for 'em

SeyeSILVER Member
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Go to a market. Or a shop that sells goth stuff.

They sell loads of long stripey socks and they are usually dirt cheap smile

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This is the sort of thing you want - long stripey socks! Put a juggling ball, tennis ball or your desired weight of bagged-up rice in the ends and you're away smile

But as I live in the UK, dunno where you might find some of these ace socks in Slovenia...

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try amazon online.. not sure what the closest portal would be to you.

although i'm surprised the football socks aren't long enough for you.. that's what i use on occasion... i would recommend stretching them out with some handweights.. at least 3-5 kg worth
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well, you gotta bite this and actually enter the lingerie department. Wear dark glasses if you feel uncomfortable, dont touch undies and you shall find your sox.

My stripy goth sox look fancy and I have 2 tipps:
- Sew off the heel to the inside, looks much better
- Put in 1-2 layers of nylon socks, containing the ball. Then they stretch a lot less which is better to play.
- You can make your own ball from filling nylon with rice and knotting it up.

Sox are great and fun to play, but they fly different from chain fire poi. Make sure to get used top that difference ...

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if you're lucky enough to live in the UK, you should try to get some hyperloop sock poi, they're great.
if you arent from the uk, just find the closest stoner/hippie store to your house. they have long stripey socks which are good. the one pretty close to me has some pretty good ones, but i wont buy them since i have the hyperloop poi.
good luck smile.

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I got my long stripey toe socks from kmart for $6... no need for some fancy lingerie store...

--pogo (pat) [forever and always]

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