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Location: manchester, uk

any ideas as to how to finish a performance and out out fire poi stylishly?
I can't spin them out for some reason (however fast i spin them), and as a chain smoking fiend, blowing them out seems not agree with my lungs...

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GeezaGOLD Member
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wee on them! smile

may be a pleaser with some of the crowd!

oliSILVER Member
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only trouble with that is trying to light them again afterwards....

best way to put out wicks (that dont want to be spun/blown out yet) i can think of is with some kind of fire blanket. maybe just put them into your pockets or something, and hope they go out... ubbrollsmile

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Neon_ShaolinGOLD Member
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 Written by: Geeza

wee on them! smile

may be a pleaser with some of the crowd!

Wee on the poi heads or on the crowd...?

Here's an idea...You could buy kevlar gloves, perform with the gloves on, learn to throw the poi and catch the wick with your hand... Voila! Extinguishing the wicks with an actual move! biggrin

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shen shuiSILVER Member
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.. or you could spin for a rather longtime ..

.. or try kicking them suddenly (ie wall plane fwd weave, kick both on right foot as weaving from left to right) ..


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RaveRepresentSILVER Member
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Id say the sexiest looking way to burn it off would be a long arm move. No flowers, just turning left and right with extended arms (as fast as a flaming bat from hell). Thats just my thought tongue

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TinklePantsGOLD Member
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An old school spinner once said to me -
"do the weave, really fast, like this!"

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Mr_widdeat my face before i eat yours
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i just do a lock out fast as i can and let go, and hope for the best.

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when the flames start dying, leg wraps in wrapid succession work well...and i cant [censored] spell....:(

StoutBRONZE Member
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Are we talking putting out the flames as they start to die down ( what I call the buzzsaw phase of the burn) or at the "real" end of a burn? If it's the first, then I have no suggestions except a ceremonious application of the wet towel, but if it's really at the end then either a fast and hard wrap ( usually works, sometimes not though ) or smacking your poi hard on the ground from a kneeling position might do the trick too

I do like that word wrapid biggrin

jaeroSILVER Member
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about the kevlar gloves, they are not necessary to catch the poi head in your hand. it's a trick I do all the time. if the flame is low enough, it can be blown out as easy as candles on a birthday cake. I like to catch the poi head (but be careful not to touch any metal, the kevlar cloth itself doesn't get very hot) and either smother it between my hands or blow it out. you could also catch the poihead between your legs (while wearing denim as to avoid serious injury) and smother it with your inner thighs. have fun. life is boring, play with fire.

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I put my wicks out in my armpits at the EJC.


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ya must be very smooth since? i just go with a hand wrap on one of the poi and blow it out and then go with singular poi moves for a min til its near out

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Kathain_BowenGood Ol' Yarn For Hair
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I've seen a lot of guys leg wrap them out at the very end of a burn.... but something about the leg angles there look awkward as the last sight in a burn when a guy does it. Might be easier for you: all you have to do is be curvy and sleek out the move..... and maybe watch out for your delicate bits. wink

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