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Posted:In my short time as a spinner I have noticed that the majority of spinners I have met are white people.Not that there is anything wrong with that it just makes me wonder if people of other races make up a significant number of spinners?Aside from myself I have only met one spinner who was not a white person.

I myself always get a laugh when people ask me what races I am.I normally ask them what races am I not?For the record I am predominantly hispanic (El Salvadorian) with a little Japanese,French and Irish.Yeah,I'm a mutt.On top of that I'm adopted so don't anyone start thinking I have something against white folks.

So now it's your turn.

(BTW if anyone feels that "white" is not PC than just say so and I will change it to something more appropriate.)

(BTBTW I am not trying to offend or start an argument,it is just a question of curiosity.)

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Papa Leba

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Posted:Well let's see..

You can call me 'blite' or 'whack' if you will..
(actually I don't give a ****! Originally I'm not even from this planet... )

In this particular life i was born and raised in Holland.
Parents from Surinam.

Dutch, Belgian, African, Scottish and Native American ancestors.

'African' I can't trace back to country, cause personal administration in slavery days was a bit sloppy..., but probably Ghana or Gambia. (suddenly I ask myself where this love for chains and fire and whips and drumming and crossing the oceans lying with 400 naked people in the hold of a wooden ship comes from....<ehh, just kiddin on the last's only 350... >)

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Posted:Actually NYC I was originally going to name this thread "How many people on HoP are of ethnicity?" but I thought that would be in the wrong context.I would like to know what race everyone belongs to (other than the human race ) but I have no problem with everyone posting where they are from.

Where do you get the idea you are a greasy Italian New Yorker?I would say a squeaky clean hairless Italian New Yorker.




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Posted:Ha.. that's funny. Usually the first thing I do on vacation is get a haircut. And of course, I've only seen you when I'm on vacation. Right now I'm lookin' a little beatleish with my full head of hair (I do have quite a bit) but I'll cut it off before I see you Sunday as that's the start of my week long vacation. I guess it beats most of Europe that's only seen me in my summer Ghoti.

Well, shall we go?
Yes, let's go.
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Posted:heh, well, that is a good point, race and skin color are a non issue, i liked the comparing it to hair color, 'cause mine's purple right now.


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Posted:I'm English, completely! My mum and dad were English, and my Granparents (both sides) and there parents....
Quite boring really! If you really want to be accurate, Southern English. All came from Southern England.

(Yet many people say i have a wierd accent!)


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Posted:Strange really, I'm milker than the milky bar kid - same tanning problems as Kat..

but my dads side of the family has been out in Africa since the Boar's decided to go pillaging..

But mums side is from all over the UK.. but my immediate family, none us were born in the UK
Dad - Zimbabwe
Mum - Nigeria
Sister - Malawi
Me - Thailand

I've never thought of myself as 'English' always thought of my self as 'from this planet'..

Only came to live in the UK when I was 15.. oh god thats over 50% of my life now... boooo..

I need sunshine..

I honour you as an aspect of myself..

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Posted:Right, this is quite easy to say but not easy to understand maybe. Am born British but have Canadian citizenship, 1 canadian parent, 1 scottish, one irish grandparent, one welsh, one native american grandparent, one canadian grandparent, european greatgrandparents on one side, new world on the other.
jewish theme runs on european down to me and catholic on the other.

ta da, personally i feel i have more heritage with a banana (interbred until there are no more)

sol xx




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Posted:Emmm, I am one of the boring people that come only from one place, namely Cyprus... I am also too lazy to start looking up my ancestors etc.. Having said that Cyprus, being a tiny island with nice beaches (every time I say this I wonder why I chose to live in London! ), was under many different ppl throughout the centuries... so I suppose there are lots of different genes at play, probably Greek-Turkish-French-Italian-British-MiddleEastern etc... (just trying to make it sound exciting really!)



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Posted:Well i've met a lot of asian spinners, just for that clarification. But prolly more white spinners... something about living in America I'm sure. As long as were babbling about ethnicity:

My dad's half is south eastern germans that moved around all over the place, if you go back to about 1700 it becomes pure hungarian. They only moved to america in the 1950's. My stepmom's half, as much as this doesn't count, is almost full blooded Italian and has a lot of those stereotypes too. The other part is like 1/8th or 1/16th Ukranian, but teh slavic part of her is noticable.

My mom's half is a mix.... they've lived in MI since the 1800's, before that one half was French Canadian and Swedish, the other half bounces around for awhile in America until we get into Mayflower relatives (And no, I don't actally know who they married, or where in England etc. they came from). So I'm fairly white, although i have a darker non-burning skin and darker hair from the southeast german side.

If you want entertainment, we consider my bf (hey, he does devil sticks, that counts right?) Who is Jewish with a fairly typhical looking to american orthodox type dark haired family... he's blond and has blue eyes (his family jokingly calls him the aryan jew.) It's amusing, but sort of odd.

P.S. about the nationality/ethnicity thing, they don't even have to be related. I have a friend who's ethnically 90% Chinese and completly considers herself Cambodian, There's plenty of people who consider themselves South African from foreign ethnicities, and american too. Besides which, who's actually ethnically Australian?

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Posted:i didnt read all the posts cause i really dont have time, so i hope i dont repeat anything others have said.

as most poi people know the new zealand muari's (sorry cant spell for sh!t)started poi as th site says.

BUT i meet a muari on foriegn exchange who did poi and she showed me hers, its completely different, well not colpletely but different.
defiatly no fire.

getting to the topic : in a south african, but im not black as some of you proberbly are thinking. i am a mix between english, german and scottish. but some how my surname is sweedish?


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Posted:Only one:

The Human race.





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Posted:quote:Originally posted by Raphael96:
Only one:

The Human race.

Raph Yeah,yeah,yeah but for curiosity's sake why not play along?


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...what a lot of Celtic blood we have here...

Half English, half Irish, totally Planet Earth (i think) and proud of it

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So the dominant HoP race is Caucasian (I suppose), the dominant lingo is English and the dominant nationalities are also Anglo... no surprise.

Personally I'm German with French/ Italian blood in my dad's line...


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Posted: Written by: Kat

I am one of the milky masses. My parents and as far back as we know have been Irish. Therefore there is no hope of me tanning myself!

My boyfriend is Japanese and he wants to be described as beige instead of yellow skinned. I think yellow is far more attractive than beige but there you go.

A few kids from my neighbourhood were interested in poi. Sure if they had the opportunity they would be more into it. Oh and they were not white in case you were wondering.

Think music influences could have a lot to do with the proliferation of milk bottle legged poiers strutting their stuff.

This is a little random but were you are the Antiworld 7/7/7 and you bf had a pair of flag pois?

Anyway, I think I am the first ethnically Chinese to post on this thread then. My lineage is kind of boring, both parents from Hong Kong I am afraid. ubbrollsmile

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Posted:Heinz 57

Mainly German, Dutch and English but I also have scottish, italian, french, russian, and apparently blackfoot indian but I dont believe that since I have blonde hair and blue eyes.


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