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Posted:Double Jeopardy is an 800-year-old British law that says you cannot be tried twice for the same crime. Both Blair in Britain and Carr (Premier of NSW in Australia) are tying to change this law. I am not sure of Blair's motive, but for Carr, it's an obviously election stunt.

Changing a law to get elected is not a good reason , imo. The other reason given for changing the law is that DNA is like what fingerprinting was way back then. Some reasons.

I don't agree with the changing the law because I think it will lead to sloppy police work (we'll get em next time) and they will take advantage of the situation to persecute people (call me paranoid).

True, DNA technology could bring new evidence to old crimes, but is that any reason to change the law. After a transition period, the DNA technology will be absorbed as part of the process. Also in Australia, this would mean that one state has this law and the others won't. If Carr was serious, he would go for a national approach or nothing.

Any thoughts?

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Posted:Hi Stone - any thoughts - yes - it's only going to get worse up to the March election. It scares me everytime I see carr and costa together ususally ends up in some draconian law being passed or another civil liberty being infringed on

oi - all nsw people - enrol to vote now - if you haven't done it (I think) it's 3 weeks before the election, you wont be able to vote in this election - or is that the federal electoral commission rule......



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Posted:power corupts and absolute power is ever nicer.......
politics is a game you say what you want to get what you want .
the only party who make any sense to me are the greens are they even in the state election?
hmmmmm guess my opinion don't matter to much yet i can't vote



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Posted:hahahaha Australian politics is such a joke!!!

The amount of money being pumped into such an insignifcant law change would be astounding especially since it is questionable about wether it would ever help anyone out. I say remove half the salaries of all the polititions and funnel it into housing, educating and protecting homeless and abused children.

Anyone want to second that??

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Posted:i do i do.
do i count?

i vote out blair. fucking tosser.


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