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Posted:Appearently i have home of poi cached in my web browser, so when ever i come to the site it showes me pages from about a week and a half ago. I've tryed deleteing my cookies, temp internet files, and my visited page history but nothing works. can someone please help?

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Posted:I think ctrl-F5 clears the cache.

Give that a whirl.

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Posted:Ctrl-F5 doesnt clear your cache completely, it just reloads the page you are looking at entirely from its source (in this case:, and not from your computer.



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Posted:If you've tried lots of options it could well be that your ISP uses a proxy server, which does the caching for you. In your browser's Connections settings you can tell it you're using a proxy which might help a little. Otherwise I don't know a way around it as it's your ISP that's causing the problem.


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