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LilBBoySILVER Member
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Location: Inverness, Scotland.

Inverness, Scotland, UK.

As far as I know, there are only two poi performance groups in Inverness (Belenos (Tink El Pantaloonz), and something!) However, in Belenos, there are no male members. Therefore, I think it would be wicked if we could start a new group with both sexes in it (if there are any other male spinners in Inverness (the home of too many "100% straight" ppl!) Poi, staff, devil sticking, whips, beamers, flags, ribbons, fingers, fans, whatever! If you think you can be part of the group, post here!

P.S. TinklePants, ur welcome too! biggrin

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i could!!!! but ive jus come home from comin to see you sooooooo, ya will have to hope that i might move up there =P

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