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So im pretty new to these forums and all and i have only really seen the tutoriols on HOP. There are these terms that keep coming up that i really want to get clarified.

See what i need is the mose dumbed down explanation there possibly is, and a video that has been tutoriolified would really help too. (i like the visuals). So here goes.

I need to see flowers

Id like to see and learn about fountains

I just dont get antispins

Can someone clarify what an isolation is?

and i just want some help with hyperloops.

Yea i know that there are forums about these individual things but most of em just seem so complicated with all the words and what not. I dont have the attention span, nor a capibal graphics card to handle all of the print. So please, I need help.

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First, you should have done some more looking around, because there really are a lot of decent explanations of these moves out there. But, because I'm nice, here goes:

A flower is when you extend both of your arms all the way and move them in circles while still spinning the poi. The poi will spin around more than your arms. Depending on the direction you're circling your arms and the speed of the poi, the poi's trails will make varying numbers and shapes of "petals" in the air.

More basically, a flower is longarm spinning with the poi spinning extra times.

A fountain is essentially where you continually transition from foreward to backward weave. For example, start doing a normal foreward weave, then turn to the left and do a backwards weave. Then turn back to the right, doing a foreward weave. And turn back to the left.... Once you can do these transitions smoothly, turn your feet 90 degrees to the left (so you're facing the side where the poi go when you turn) and do the same motions without moving your feet. That's a fountain. You can also throw in other funky stuff in there, like windmills.

An antispin is often described as moving your hands in the direction opposite the poi are moving. Unfortunately, this explanation only really makes sense if you already understand what an antispin is. Get this straight: antispins are not moves in and of themselves; they are modifications to moves.

Antispins make the most sense with flowers. In a basic flower, you would be spinning poi foreward, and then start moving your arms around, following the path of normal foreward spinning (vertical, right next to you). The arms would be going foreward.

In an antispin flower, your arms go in the direction of backwards spinning. The visual effect is much different from that of normal flowers; while normal flowers seem to form a large circle (the outer edge of where the poi go) with loops sticking into the center, antispin flowers create a pattern that looks more like a four-leaf clover, with teardrop-like shapes emanating out from the center (the farthest-in point that your poi reach).

An isolation happens when you move your hands with the poi in such a way as to shift the center of the spin of the poi away from your hand and to the poi cord. Take, for instance, a typical buzzsaw: the poi are spinning in front of you, between your hands. The center of the rotations of the poi are, logically, your hands. In an isolated buzzsaw, though, you move your hands in circles with the poi, with the aim of bringing the poi heads in toward the center of their own spin; the poi rotate not around your hands, but around a point approximately halfway up their cords. Your hands do exactly the same thing, appearing to be rotating just like the poi, 180 degrees off from the heads and at the same distance from the center.

It rarely works out quite so gracefully, but it is very cool to watch.

A hyperloop is like an airwrap on steiroids. I refuse to get into them now. Don't try to learn everything at once.

Many of these explanations may not be complete in the eyes of the Instruction Nazis, and they only give some of the most basic ways of doing these classes of moves. But if you're smart you can take these basics and introduce variations on them.

Again, you should do more research on these moves.

And it should be "No Clue What YOU'RE Talking About."
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 Written by: ]Many of these explanations may not be complete in the eyes of the Instruction Nazis,

And it should be "No Clue What YOU'RE Talking About." [/quote

Looks like the poor chap just got hit by the grammar nazi though.

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rolleyes Henry, dear, next time you type quote brackets in by hand... do it properly... *walks off shaking head*

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here's some tips - check out the sticky thread on helpful advice threads, then search the site using the google tool top right of the page on each move.

It works wonders.

Actually just scroll down the pages, on this part of the forum as these subjects are always being bumped biggrin and there are many threads about each of them.

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Oooooooh, I can do Fountains and didn't know it!!!
*grins madly*

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13 posts

K thanks, i think i got it all. i mostly needed clarification.

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