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when making double or triple poi, do you need spinners above each wick? by spinners, i mean things that make the wicks rotate on their own instead of twisting the chain and/or unscrewing the bolts.
also, what sort of spacing do i need between wicks for making individual lines in the pattern?
and anyone found out how many wicks they can put on a line before it gets TOO heavy?

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I generally spin with double wicks and only have one spinner above each double. Works fine for me. smile

I would guess there's about 5cm between the wicks on my poi.

3 wicks are too heavy for my liking, but two is okay and looks nicer than single wicks (IMHO) biggrin

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The doubles, tripples and quads I make for comercial sale don't use swivels (spinners) anywhere in the build as I's seen too many of these things snap on comercial fire poi design. Stainless steel welded long link, internally secured to the former, four to five centimeter between wicks should be adiquate.

Your going to find anything around five of more heads per chain rather heavy to manipulate, although as long as the heads are suitable graded and coreless then the remaining issue will be overall length, made a set with six heads per chain which were intended for use on stilts. those were much fun.


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cheers guys

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Use ballchain and all your problems will rotate freely.


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As long as it's welded ball chain, or something as heavy as triple poi could fly freely too... shrug

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I have been considering knocking up a set of double-headed tail poi, which could look interesting...

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