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Hi Everyone,


Unless you have already talked to us, you will not be able to purchase tickets, anymore. If you missed out, hopefully we'll seeya next year smile

****NewsFLASH 27/08/06****

Site goes online tonight

Workshop timetable is up - if you think you can help with any of the workshops (or even if you think you can run one!!) please let me know, I'd like to organise at least one person to run each, and a couple of supporters for the big ones.

****NewsFLASH 25/8/06****

Roll UP! Roll UP! Roll UP!


100 Online Tickets @ $20

Please email:

for account details.

Looking forward to seeing you all at Common Ground.

K8 - and the Common Ground Team.


If you want to see how much Fun was had at Common Ground (or you just like to be reminded) check out this;

Common Ground 05

Everything else is unconfirmed as such - so if you can think of anything that might be relevant to a big group of spinners living together for 4 days let me know by PM.

The local CFS and Progress Association will be providing affordable meals for brekkie and dinner on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday morning. The've been told that there will be many vegos - so each meal should be vego friendly, or have vego options.

****update**** The meals will be;

Breakfast on Saturday Sunday and Monday


Bacon + Egg between two pieces of toast or Egg + Tomato between two pieces of toast $4

and / or

Thick Pancakes for $1 each with Jam or Lemon and Sugar topping

and / or

Cereal for $2 a bowl (cornflakes or wheatbix)

Tea or Coffee for $1 / mug

Dinner on Friday night

will be a big pot of Pumpkin soup for a gold coin donation per mug full, with a few bread rolls n stuff

Dinner on Saturday night

Tacos with your choice of beef based or bean based filling and salad $2 each


a big Baked Potato with either of the above fillings and / or coleslaw n cheese $4 each

Dinner on Sunday night

Vege Burger or Minute-Steak Burger with salad $3

Beef snag in a piece of bread for $1

So yeah the CFS and Progress association are getting right behind it all, and I think the food and prices they are charging are quite reasonable smile

Please note - no lunch will be provided - you will need to sort this out yourself. There is a supermarket 5 minutes drive from the site tho - so it will be easy as.

We will be opening the site about lunch time on Friday the 29th of September and will be expecting to close the site for cleaning on Monday Afternoon (ie, everyone should be out by then smile). Between those times we will be expecting a lot of magic, learning and laughing with a huge group of friendly spinny / juggly types.

We will be following a similar structure to that we used last year - ie workshops, chill parties, fire spectacular show to which the local community will be invited (who LOVED the show last year btw), Drums n Bonfire - with the addition of a festival day with all day outdoor music, chilled out workshops and more.

checkout the timetable for the workshops;

This year we will have improved toilet facilities (ie more of them smile) and improved camping.

The site is limited to about 150 ppl so pre-booking by bank transfer is the best way to confirm your space. we've had a steady series of ticket requests coming in, so if you want to come, dont dilly dally! Get your ticket now!




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