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  Posted: hey guys.
i bought some kevlar from tepooka toys at PLAY, and i want to make cathedral wicks, i already folded them, but when i tried to drill through them the drill started pulling the fibers, so i stopped.
so, can i drill through the kevlar? if not how do i make a hole for the eyebolt

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  Posted:No, don't drill it, that could be rather dangerous.

I find the best approach is to take a large nail and hammer it through to make the hole. Then you can thread a bolt through the path the nail made.

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  Posted:You can also use a screw and a screwdriver to ram it through the kevlar...




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  Posted:Yea, I just apply preasure and screw it through the kevlar. It keeps the wick bound together and prevents slipping. Kevlar is just cloth so if you apply preasure to it as you screw your bolt through it, the cloth will seperate and make room for the threading of the bolt and be guided through the wicking.