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Hey just seeing if anyone is going to beatiful days festival this year?

Play time once again... juggle weavesmiley

who ate all the poi's?

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Hey Fireflyz, just got my tickets through today...very excited, had the best time last year bounce bounce2 bounce

CJ_ChucklesBRONZE Member
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wats is this beauiful days fest?

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mausBRONZE Member
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Beautiful Days biggrin

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O.k Beautiful Days is very soon now, is anyone going?
It would be great to get together for a spin and a drink.

FireNixBRONZE Member
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Hi there
I'll be compeering in the Pussy Palaour over the weekend - where there shall be a Cabaret happening. Its a beautiful venue - a mirror tent a la the speigel tent - all wood and mirrirs inside - lovely
PM me for my mobile number if you wanna hook-up for a spin also
See ya'll there

Feel the Flame

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Hi , yep sounds like a nice idea "spin n a drink",
have a feelin gonna be experiencing more spinning than a spinny spun thing on a spindley spindle...whooooooppppppiee. count me down for a bevee with ya. biggrin

WarchildBRONZE Member
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I'll be there but i'll be working the bars all weekend. Its a tough job but some one has to do it.

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