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_Clare__Clare_BRONZE Member
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Hello m'lovely spinny friends...

As I'm sure you know, the EJC hits Ireland this weekend, and the very lovely and splendid Arashi ( and Nick Woolsey ( are going to be teaching us how to wiggle while simultaneously keeping planes straight biggrin

However, if you can't make it to the EJC, Arashi and Nick are taking their skills to a town near(ish) you...

First stop is Belfast Crescent Arts Centre on Friday 21st July (6pm-10pm).

This is going to be a four-hour workshop which will help poi'ers improve their movement and think about poi in a totally new way - all followed up by a fire gathering... it's a great opportunity for our community in Belfast to see really great spinning wink biggrin

Next up is Germany on the 24th... but here is Olivier to tell you more about it....



PS: I would just like to point out that these are not 'Uber' workshops... same same, but different - there is no gorgeous feline blue.

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alphalightalphalightGOLD Member
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yep the magic circles will turn around also the german community lets bring them freedom in poi performing

here are the dates for the workshoptour in germany

24.07.06 *** MANNHEIM

25.07.06 *** FRANKFURT

26.07.06 *** KLN

27-28.07.06 *** BERLIN

29.07.06 *** HAMBURG

29-30.07.06 *** STUTTGART

01.08.06 *** MNCHEN

pre registration under

more infos about the workshop under in german wink

or under for arashi and for nick check

at the moment its not confirmed where nick will be also with us as soon we know it we will inform u

peace and cu all in ireland soon

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well i know nick will be there fo a few, and then as the fire fest in austria starts he will leave us...

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