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Posted:Being the patriotic American that I am, I decided to Spin some fire tonight during my little city's fireworks show. I spun my heart out.

After the city got done and the crowd made their way back to their homes and cars I asked a little boy lighting off fireworks with his freinds and family if I could borrow his light with kero soaked poi already in hand.

After a slight hesitation and asking why, I reassured him that I was going to do some fireworks of my own. His family approved and I proceded to light up the night (again). there were people walking home who stopped and people driving by stopping to watch, I saw some camera flashes go off and the distinct glow of camera cell phones taking pictures of the show.

I did a simple, yet well practiced set of weaves, butterflies and even trying my hand at some flowers, and a few other tricks that I have up my sleeve. The chatter quieted down, and people lighting off fireworks in the immediate area all stopped for the duration of my spin.

I finished by blowing out the last lit fire wick like it was the last pesky candle on a birthdaycake. I heard clapping in all directions and many passers by complimented me and told me to keep it up. I left by thanking the boy for the light and disappeared into the night.

I can still see all the beaming smiles of the children, freedom was once again renewed in the hearts of Ashlands citizens, and no doubt will make for some water cooler talk for those lucky enough to see such a site in my remote part of the world. hug

edit: woops, i think i knew that!

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I've never seen a supernova blow up, but if it's anything like my old chevy nova it'll light up the night sky!

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Posted: Written by: esmokah

I spun my little fanny off.

just to clear things up "fanny" has a different use in the UK ubblol i'm trying to keep it clean but it's just comes out dirty ubblol

thats a wickedly inspirering storey hug i think you may have hoards of little fire spinners to teach before long in your area wink


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