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drewjitsuBRONZE Member
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i like spinning all types of toys, but triple fire poi are my favorite as they help emphasize isolations. however, some situations (indoor, extended periods of dancing) require glowsticks/LED toys, and i am trying to figure out a good way to construct some kind of triple poi made from either glowsticks or LED poi.

i can't seem to find any glowsticks with holes on both ends which would make them easy to chain together (althoguh i swear i've seen them somewhere before) and the cost of 6 LED poi is a little prohibitive for me, nor have i seen any with holes/rings on both sides for easy chaining.

does anybody have any techniques for building these? or any ideas at least? just thought i might ask before i start from scratch. confused confused

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sketchsketchGOLD Member
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look in the shop, the LED light sticks are cheap and have holes top and bottom for cord.

just dont smash them together biggrin
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Also, you could just get some clear tubing a bit larger (length and width) than the glowstick/LED sticks you're using, drill some holes for the chain/string and drop em in there. Will also help protect slightly from breaking LED sticks on impact.

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I had a pair of LED poi last year. They were LED glowsticks that were strung together so they were similar to rope poi, If you have a fine touch you can drill holes into them with a fine drill bit. Use a strong monofilimant to attach one to the other end to end like links in a chain. This should allow them to spin freely as well as give a nice effect.

anonomatosanonomatosGOLD Member
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you can assemble any you want, doubles, triples, etc. Just look at the FlowPoi under the products section!

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