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Lower & Upper cross-point (learning)

[Move: Butterfly]

Buttefly is key move to understad Figure 8 turning.

If we spin forward butterfly wheel plane at one

side and make transition to the other side, we can

imagine point, in level of eyes, that Poi reaches,

climbing up from the bottom front and fall down the

other side.

I call this upper cross-point.

You can find the same can be done with Poi on the

top of the Butterfly, falling down and moving up

other side.

I call this lower cross-point.

Imaginary point, where Poi cross their path.

[Move: Weave]

This can be seen with Weave too. Except different

timing,it is more

up-up down-down ( than up-down up-down)


The cross-point is helpfull to undestand move

turning and you can find it in many transitions,

reel non-excepted.



In the most cases, it is carry* that is transition

between left and right wheel plane.

Non-Https Image Link

Carry, can be represented as a half of 3 dimensional

figure of 8.

Non-Https Image Link

I say there are four of them, in two pairs, making

direction dependant carry for both sides.

Carry is rotatory, it meens that the path of carry,

from side to side, is for both directions different.**

Non-Https Image Link

Because butterfly is an atom there is plane ovelay,

as well as in turning and two opposite carries,

making two cross-points.

Strictly theoreticaly the cross-point is going

through the body(ideal atom).

* - Carry, as defined by Omnimodus.

** - Remember spiral sructure(Hyperloops, Helixes).



You like? Stay tuned, more to come.




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