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Forums > Social Discussion > How often do you play, spin, burn, etc?

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Posted:So, Havocangel and I have once again gotten into one of those strange debates that somehow evolve just after spinning in the front yard. Y'know the ones that just pop out of nowhere for absolutely no reason but just so happen to involve whatever you were just touching at the moment?

So, we were just wondering, if you would like to take part in a five minute survey?

a.) How often do you play/spin/juggle/etc?
b.) How often do you burn (if ever - if recreational)?

I'll start.

a.) Whenever I can. At work, at home. I'll even contact juggle in my car in rush hour traffic. I've played with toys at Pride, in the MARTA station, wherever, and whenever. I mean, seriously. I've been known to contact juggle toys for dogs at work when swapping dirty ones for clean ones.

b.) As a team, about once a week, to two weeks at the most.

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Posted:every couple of mins i walk round with my rainbow socks hangging out of my pocket and i can get away with it in work s im a youth worker the kids wanna play with em to. my misses is the one who says when all the poing for the day is done

i havent burnt for months up untill 5 weeks ago before that i was everyweek or so and now every few days not even that in the summer its to light outside so i cant be bothered staying up for it.

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Location: Calgary, Canada
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Posted:A) every waking moment, i juggle at the bus stop, whilst walking anywhere, inbetween bouts of staff spinning (which is also regular as clockwork). i spin about 2 hours a day almost everyday.
B) once a week minimum, mostly recreational but sometimes at clubs and stuff

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Member Since: 19th Jun 2005
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Posted:How often, almost constantly. Basicly if I have something in my hand so long as I'm not at work (day jobs rolleyes )

Burn at least once a week if not more often. I think the longest we've gone without burning sence kathain and I have gotten together is 10 days.


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Posted:a)at least twice a week at circus, and I carry my toys, so it's often more frequent. smile Wether I use them a bunch largely depends on how inspired I am that week.
Randomly twirling in front of a rock band is ace fun. biggrin

b)burning's more sporadic, if I'm invited for a twirl and it's dark I'll be rather inclined to light up, or if I'm visiting one of the regular twirls, but very little of that's happened of late.

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Location: Lincoln
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Posted:a) everyday, for at least a couple of hours.
work/home/park/beach. somedays spend TOO much time spinning. smile

b) once or twice a week try to get down to the beach to burn.

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Posted:a) Not often enough. At the moment just at meetings.
b) Not at all since I got pregnant but hopefully lighting them up again next month!

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