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The charity Shoreditch Trust ( is holding a festival event to give people ideas of how they can get and stay fit and active by using shared open spaces like parks. Specifically aimed at the young people.

As part of this they would like to hold a poi/staff/juggling workshop and demonstration.

The idea is that Shoreditch Spa can provide the equipment and people just show up and twirl with a little guidence.

The event is Sunday August 6th, and the theme is "Journeys to Anatolia" (I believe). They probably need someone to be there from 1.00 to 6.00 to run the workshop and then do a demo later on.

There is a limited budget which means there is the potential for the person/people leading the workshop to be compensated for their time.

The format and content of the workshop is totally up for discussion.

I would do this but my poi and teaching skills arent really good enough.

Please if you have the time do consider this. Its a chance to make the world an happier place with more spinners.

Even if you dont feel you can teach why not come along anyway, the more the merrier...

If you want to get involved either PM me or email:

Best regards


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Posted:Hey! As long as I'm noy on holiday or anything I'm sure I can make it along, I'll get back to you asap biggrin And see you at Clapham soon!! biggrin


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