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Hey guys, i didnt get many comments on my first vid. Hopefully i can get some feedback on my second one. I tried using different camera angles and some transitions to keep things interesting. The beginning is traditional poi and towords then end i kick in a bunch of wraps. If anything you should get a laugh out of the end of the vid, An important reminder if your going to spin fire. Make sure you spin off all your excess fuel =P

anyways here it is

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nice video
good looking isolations and i really like your transitions out of the buzzsaws. the hyperloop at 1:30 is spintacular.

keep it up clap

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I love the magic 3 point poi trick right at the end wink

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nice work, but music would have been nice, and you need to watch your planes a bit smile

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Nah..i like it without the music - more 'raw'

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