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Member Since: 14th May 2006
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Posted:Do hop sell any other smaller finger loops than the standard ones? I find my fingers slip out of the standard double finger loops.


Location: UK
Member Since: 9th Oct 2005
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Posted:You could try sewing the normal sized ones up a bit to make them smaller. Dont think HoP sell different sizes, least I havnt seen any. Failing that you could make your own shrug



Member Since: 7th May 2006
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Posted:Yeah, motley, i havent seen any either. All i can tell you to do is put your fingers through and hold them, crappy advice, lol but pretty much all i can do to help ya with, enjoy the spinnin mate!

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Posted:you dont really have to put your fingers through them.in fact i was holding them arse ways for ages when i started and cut the [censored] out of mt fingers but im just thick. you can just hold onto them dont worry if you let go there is almost no chance of them hitting you passers by are a different story though.

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