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Flying Water Muppet
Location: Edin-borrow., United Kingdom

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Posted: Definitive List:::: http://lab.firestaff.net

L.A.B. Reports.

A scientific exploration of the possible patterns created by the gestural and physical manipulation and activation of dual stiff linear props, with emphasis (added) in this report as to the connectional patterns.

Experiment 01 - HQ 100mb

Experiment 01 - MQ 50mb

Addendum 1a

A brief exploration of the clash between desired movement and it's actualisation and bridging the gap through the use of non-reflective mental states.

Addendum-Sequence 1-MPEG-4 800Kbps.mp4 ~20mb

L.A.B. 02 - Complete and Utter...

The reinstatment of post-modern irony into a normal everyday actualisation of curiosity in the realm of exploratory objectorial manipulative beliefs.

lab 02 - 90mb.

lab 02 - medium - 45mb.

L.A.B. 03 - IN LEEDS

Me n'Strugz went to leeds and met Chronos, and had a whale of a good hardcore contact time.

One of the most enjoyable videos I've made. Hope you enjoy! I did...

LAB 03: IN LEEDS (large) ~100mb

LAB 03: IN LEEDS (small) ~25mb


me and mostly dave spinning in our lunchtimes. Dave has a unique style amougst unque styles, which he doesn't show much in this video, instead just concentrates on new and hardcore doubles.

MC-PO-SEPH - 43mb


Uber Europe! This is a video of a super diverse range of staff, from hard hard throws, dual fishtails, doubles contact, fei-cha and uber single staff contact and spinning. As well as a little bit of sillyness and negative space. I'll write a little more later... when i have screenshots... biggrin

L.A.B. 04 - UBER UNWRAPPED (large) ~100mb

L.A.B. 04 - UBER UNWRAPPED (small) ~40mb

L.A.B. 05 - Church of Staff

Leeds too! me, chronos, t&b and sandy, in leeds, lots and lots of contact and some doubles.

L.A.B. 05 - Teaser (small) ~16mb

L.A.B. 05 - Church of Staff (large) ~220mb

L.A.B. 05.1 .2 .v and . [Meg Minus Hair]

All Doubles.

Section 1: Anti-spin

Section 2: Spin

Section 3: Contact

Section 4: Freestyle

LAB 05.1 126mb

LAB 05.1 small - 36mb

LAB 06. WoW

Me n'Simian. Happily Mostly Simian doing stuff that I still don't quite understand after having watched it like ten times during editing. g'damn.


LAB 06 - Wow ~40mb.


this is what I call geeky. A staff video without any people or actual footage whatsoever. Just animated staffs. One size fits all.

THE LAB ~47mb



L.A.B. 06.%

Poi in the Park, 2006 Birthday party. What it was like for me.

Lots of poi in this one. Like what?


download link to follow. (thou google lets you download.)

Recently I've been mostly watching anime....


dl: http://videos.tepookatoys.com/media/lab/cowboyfishbop.wmv


It's retarded meg occassionally in the first one, and mostly stagefright-meg in the second.


dl: http://videos.tepookatoys.com/media/lab/lab00.wmv

L.A.B. 07 - Meg talks to herself.

doubles, singles and some other props....


dl: http://videos.tepookatoys.com/media/lab/lab07.wmv

LAB 08, part 1, Aidan @ Winter with MCP

dl: aidan / ado-p

gootube: http://youtube.com/watch?v=Uwub_Mxzu7g

yup, a whole video dedicated to the irish iron fist!

I thought afterwards that maybe the song is a little cheeky, but the boy is a good dancer, and I wouldn't make an entire video of him, if I didn't like his style.

EDITED_BY: mcp (1190113585)

"the now legendary" - Kaskade
"the still legendary" - Kaskade

I spunked in my friend's aquarium and the fish ate it. I love all fish. Especially the pink ones. They are my bitches. - Anon.

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Posted:Other than saying "wow!" I think that my first ever post on this thread should be pretty much irrelevant,

Iv'e got "R-Type Delta" for the PS2! It rocks!

but tthat games mentioned in Lab 09, so I can get away with it!


PLATINUM Member since May 2003


Flying Water Muppet
Location: Edin-borrow., United Kingdom

Total posts: 5276
Posted:THE LAB v2.0

more staff animations. Some bad bits, some of the rendering didn't come out how I anticipated.


http://videos.tepookatoys.com/media/lab/THELABv2-0.wmv ~70mb

"the now legendary" - Kaskade
"the still legendary" - Kaskade

I spunked in my friend's aquarium and the fish ate it. I love all fish. Especially the pink ones. They are my bitches. - Anon.


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Posted:She is smiling a bit, what is she thinking about
in the last part?

well done,




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Posted:It's like a bad mushroom trip.

Let's turn those old bridges we crossed into ashes.
We'll blaze a new trail,
and torch the rough patches.



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Posted:yay done!

out and have fun now...

T wave

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i come to 'dis cafe quite a lot myself.
they do porridge."
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Posted:oops i did it again


This is a post by tom, all spelling is deleberate
-><- Kallisti


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