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How can I keep my nuts from flying off the bolt while I spin??? Things I've tried so far:
Lock nuts (between regular nuts, under them, at the end after them, every concievable way!)
Acorn nuts (also called end nuts?)
Multiple nuts
Epoxy, gluing together multiple nuts & acorn nuts
NOTHING WORKS! They keep flying off and I keep losing them! Also once my flaming kevlar flew off while I was on top of a scaffold in a room packed with people! It was humiliating and dangerous. I check my gear before I spin but this keeps happening. It's so depressing. Please help me frown

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whats causing it to unscrew? Do you have a swivel or two on your chains?

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ubblol I had to look here just for the name of the thread, gave me a laugh,

Cant help though wink good luck with your nuts ubblol

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Use a centrepunch and hammer.
punch the thread on the bolt just next to the nut in a few locations.
This distorts the thread so the nut will not pass without considerable force

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or get a new staff/poi thats not quite so rediculous!

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There are 2 things that might help. Be sure to have free spinning fasteners on you're hand straps and counterweights (wics). Second thing if you're using cable or kinkless link chain consider swiching to ball chain. Ball chain is free spinning on each link so they don't twist up while you're spinning like kinkless link chain or cable. #15 ball chain is the standard for fire poi.

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What sort of poi are you using that causes the ends to fly off?!?! eek

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maybe use a lock-tight product on the thread. its a paste stuff i use that prevents my nuts from dropping everywhere wink

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Threadlock, get it from an auto parts website stops bike bolts coming out at high revs.

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Or nail polish on the threads also does the job quite well... although i don't know if it's a good idea considering that it'll be hot...

i'm guessing that it's the thermal expansion of the nut that causing it to become loose and fall off, so if all else fails, maybe a nut made from a different metal that dosen't expand as much as the bolt mabye?

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makes sence to me smile

good thinking batman! hug2

solar_bearsolar_bearSILVER Member
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 Written by: The Misguided Oracle

...i'm guessing that it's the thermal expansion of the nut that causing it to become loose and fall off...

That's right, it's called "thermal cycling" and, over time, will make even the tightest of nuts drop off.

I use Loctite 242 for my skates and swear by the stuff - just give it at least 3 and preferably 24 hours to cure. Be sure not to use one of the high strength Loctites (4xx ?), otherwise you'll never get your nuts off again without heating them up with a blow torch (ouch!)

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