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Posted:Hay Hay!

So going againts my normaly tradition, i am not having a dress up party for my leaving party. (poohy i know but my mates is having his birthday the next weekend and has been planning on having a costume party for ages so i cant have one the week before)

How ever that i am going to do, for my closer circle of friends and a few others, is have differant themes.

Now how this is going to work, is that im going to cut up a whole lot of differant themes and put em in a hat and they have to pull one out.
They then have act out their theme for the rest of the night (encluding when we go to town and talk to stragers devil )

So i was wondering if anyone had any more suggestions as to some themes smile
to give you and idea of what i mean, these are a few of what i have so far:

Dancing guns - when ever someone from the group dances person has to dance with guns (shotting guns fron hips altho that proly wont make much sence when reading this)

Peaches - Person has to say Peaches after ever sentence they say peaches.
get it peaches?

Fading off sentences - so busicly when ever this person is talking to someone they have to fade of the end of all their sentences so that the person their... talking...

Play with hair - funner than it sounds. when ever this person is talking to someone that have to be always playing with their hair.

Dirty talk - yeah um... get me a drink now you bad bad boy type thing

Copycat - what do you mean copy cat? what do you mean copy cat? want a drink? want a drink? yeah you get the pic. they have to copycat the person their talking to.

Question - have to say everything in a question? would you like a drink? "do i want a drink?" wow look at that "what is there to look at?" etc

so yeah you get the idea. would love to hear if you guys have any more suggestins smile

everyone is also getting a cheesy pick up line that they have to say to a stranger in town ubblol

should be a good night! biggrin beerchug

What if we think the jokes on them,
But really - the jokes on us....

and also... i wuv Rougie *snuz*

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