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Charlie FoxPLATINUM Member
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HOnest i searched before making this post and couldnt find anything else along these lines.

I guess this is more of a comment rather than a usefull addition to the site, but i would be interested to see if this phenomenom is/was experienced with others...

Anywho, tonight after much begging by a girl i met on the weekend i decided to teach her as much staff as i could for the month i'm down here in Blenheim.

What astounded me was after breaking down the moves i taught myself, and instructing them to somone else: ie. slowing them right down stage by stage, i've now found myself to be a heck of a lot more proficient at these moves after just an hour of not practice, but instruction.

The most notable of which was an anti clockwise contact spin around the back of my left hands thumb, i'd been trying and traying for hours to get as proficient at spinning anti as i did clockwise, and never suceeded, but after tonight, showing her the contact spin around the right thumb for a clockwise front rotor at speed, i managed to nail the anti spin with contact over the back of my left hands thumb. now i know this is a VERY basic move but up till now i'd never been able to do it.

Likewise a backwords figure 8, she actually nailed that after me teaching a forward fig 8, i was like well your doing that wrrong, but perfectly haha... and now i'm way better at doing it also.

And yeah the same phenomenom with the left handed fig 8, i'd always been very jerky with this, but after showing her a right handed fig 8 i am now almost as smooth with my left hand as i am with my right.

So yeah, am i a freak? or have others experienced this also?

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Mr MajestikSILVER Member
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learning with others makes everything more enjoyable. and yes, if you are trying to do something perfectly so as the person you are teaching understands then you will probably also find the best way to do the move, simply by thinking about what you are doing. smile

as for.................

 Written by: cpjfox

Likewise a backwords figure 8, she actually nailed that after me teaching a forward fig 8,

i nailed my face when i was learning backwards figure eight, split the bridge between my eyebrows and still have a scar to show for it ubblol

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*HyperLightBRONZE Member
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I'd agree 100% on this. I've become much smoother at spinning with my poi after teaching people. Also, a lot of my moves are self-taught with the help of the videos on HoP. I find I can often teach people what took me months to learn in the space of a few hours! I just wish I'd known more people who do poi when I was learning smile

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MedusaSILVER Member
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I love teaching new people how to do moves for this very reason...well okay that it gives me a huge sense of achievement.

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Just an addendum.. when teaching others, not only are you forced to break down the move more than you probably had before, but you're potentially forced to think about it from different angles and are faced with questions about the move that you had not thought of. Even if you are not teaching others actively, once you have a move down to a degree, take a moment to think how you would teach that move to another. It makes your brain click more.. in a good way smile.

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_Clare_BRONZE Member
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Yep... A wise person (who I can't quite remember) said to me recently - there should be three levels of teaching to better and more fully understand your art:

To be taught by someone...

To teach yourself...

And to teach others...

Apparently, this is the best way to learn...


PS: Ohh... and I like the title... Supernovice... smile All novices are super...
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GeezaGOLD Member
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i couldnt spin my left hand anticlockwise behaind my head whilst keeping my right spinning anti at the same time.
I only been poi'ing (if its a word) a few weeks but i started showing a girl how do do it and breaking it down more like bringing just to the side then raising up (just with one at first) and it because much easier.

She could do it aswell! What i am finding hard is getting proper windmills right now, i can do over head split time but cant seem to get them in 'un split' time.

? -i'll teach try and teach more and see if it comes

afghan_bingoSILVER Member
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to be able to teach a person, you no longer think about what youre doing. you have to articualte it and this helps you understand it a hell of a lot more, init

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