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Hello all my lil fuzzy wuzzy Moonfesties!*:.

mmMMMmmmm. Well there is certainly an extra snuggley vibe about at the moment, huh? Must be time for the Warm Fuzzy Winter Moonfests!*:. Get out all ya warmest winter woollies, fluffy monster feet, beanies, braziers, gloves, woolly wraps and extra good blankety goodness!*:. And of corse dont forget your usual Moonfest toys drums, fire toys (+ fire fuel and safety gear) dancing feet, wiggles, huggles, and festive happy smiley faces.:::*

As it gets cooler the ocean looks beautifully crystal clear with those sunshiney sparkles and gorgeous sunsetty colours in the arvo and if youre lucky you could spot a dolphin or too splashing about in the bay.:* Now, with the 10pm curfew for the common curtesy of not waking the locals too late at night with drumming and all our usual moonfesty shenanigans, Im thinking we can start gathering a little earlier in the afternoon so we still get a good dose of moonfesty goodness before its time to quieten down and go to bed ourselves. hnnnnnnn.:* So come on down a little earlier for a play in the sunshine and see the gorgeous luminous moon rise over an ocean of sunset colours:::::*

Warm Fuzzy Winter Moonfest Dates are:

*:.June ~ Monday 12th

*:.July ~ Tuesday 11th

*:.August ~ Wednesday 9th

Then the date for the Spring Moon Fest is:

*:.September ~ Friday 8th

Ooooh and just so all you lovelies know, I will be away for Burning Man in the US in August (flying on my birthday weeeeeee) so will *just* make it back in time for the Spring Moonfest so perhaps a lil jetlagged but totally full up the tips of my dreads with festival magicks.:* for spring moonfest Im sure Ill be there, but barely there hehehe maybe a lil bit of a sleepy pixie, (but a happy sleepy pixie i'm sure) perhaps if anyone has yummy ideas for some lovely Spring Moon theming candle circle goodness a performance or interactive activity of some kind that youd like to do or facilitate it would be wonderful*:. I will be away from around mid August till like the day before Spring Moonfest We have all of Winter Warm Fuzzy Festies to plan something yum..:::* be imaginative, creative, spontaneous! Come be the festival Festive~All .ALL FESTIVE its the beautiful festive people that gather each month under the full moon who make this the gorgeous gathering what it is.:*

Feel free to bring along a Brazier for extra warmth for the winter moonfests but please take full responsibility for it throughout the night and dispose of any left over coals responsibly Council rule is no open fires on the beach but braziers with BBQ coals are fine so long as we act responsibly.

Moonfest is a drug and alcohol free, all ages gathering please take full responsibility of yourself, your children and have a general respect for those around you (something which goes without saying in such a lovely environment as this I think)

See all you gorgeous people on Monday for the first of the Warm Fuzzy Winter Moon Festies::::*

Much love and warm fuzzy pixie wiggles*:.

Love Elke (.:*moonpixie*:.)

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ok then... why dont you and Ant come to the movies at southbank with troy and Jonny ucough on Friday then? Ill Pm you hey?


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UCOFs in town?

.....Can't juggle balls but I sure as hell can juggle details....

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ok... this is rough and raw... but how it is ...

just a post to my lournal at early hours this morning....



well it's early

i couldn't sleep

been tossing and turning for hours.

it's full moon today

i only just realised that after pulling a few tarot cards out for councel and realised the moon will be full tonight.

oh i see!

the moon knows!

she planned this all along.


(i may possibly not make much sense as i have had very little sleep)

I have given great thought to and am very siriously thinking of discontinuing moonfest.

in fact i don't feel like i have the disission to make anymore... it's already been made

SO many things point to moving on from it now... and i feel that moonfest has it's own forse and energy .... and perhaps life...and lifespan...

....i think moonfest is ready to remain in all our hearts as a beautiful memery.... rather than be tugged along by a worn out energy. If you try to hold on to things that are past there lifespan you start wearing it and yourself out.

We had a *reeeally* good run... 9 years is a bloody good effort!!! heheheh

i'd rather leave it on a high note!*:. biggrin

and please... before you drill me for making this disission and telling me all the reasons why i should not end moonfest, remeber that this is a *really* sensitive area for me.... moonfest is my metoforical baby... i LOVE it .... and i did *not* make this disision lightly... in fact the disision made itself... i was no part in it... the moon knows all... i am just her tool in which to gather people in her light.... hehehe! (or something! lol)

EVEN if i did get insurance for a gathering that allows *anyone* to come to a public park and set things alight (which to be honnest i really don't see an inssurer taking this on board) ....AND had means of paying for it.... AND we could still run the gathering in the park.... i'm still unsure as to whether moonfest wants to continue.... there is *more* than just the insurance issue and the temperary park construction ...

To spite the drug and alcohol free rule, lots of people have been bringing bottles ESKIES full of booze... and i don't want to spend my whole moonfest nights being little booze police pixie... nor do i want a group of other people having to do it, or it to be done at all... it creates a yucky vibe... conflict... and an absents of that yummy free spirited casual energy that moonfest is.

also the park is very much changing with the construction... from what i can see so far, it seems that there will be a huge [censored] off path running through the middle of it. and the levels are possibly to be a more gradual slope... meaning that the fire and sitting space is less defined.... this too means policing the sitting/fire space to keep it safe

we have had complaints from the locals ... this isn't going to go away... if moonfest stays on the way it's going there will be more complaints and *more* regulations put in place ... we already have a 10pm sound curfew... which again... i hate policing... it breaks my heart to have to tell people to stop drumming...

there are just so many regulations and rules that we need to not break now, that moonfest is starting to loose it's yummy free spirited energy... i'd rather finnish with a yummy taste in my mouth than a bitter one.

and of corse the fact that moonfest is just so [censored] big now!

it IS dangerous! ... if i was an insurance company *I* wouldn't insure it! LOL

the amount of times i have sat watching ... allert like a little mercat! .... just on edge waiting for something to happen! grinding my teeth at irrisponsible people and cringing at us all tempting fate! arhg!

i don't want moonfest to end with blaring ambulance sirions ... i'd much prefer it to end on that wonderfully high note with a 9 year history of no bad insidences and so so many wonderful blissful memories*:.

When moonfest started i was a 17 year old girl just wanting to get a few people together for a fire twirl and drum jam at the beach... the place i grew up in... i wanted to bring all that yummy energy to my doorstep and i saw great potential... and i did it! HA! i *did* bring it all to my front door and fully manifested my dreams and am so very prowd of that.

Now i'm 26... i *still* live a stones throw away from the moonfest sight ... and have many wonderful blissful years under my belt. But sometimes it is just time to move on... leave the nest... (the nest seems awefully crowded these days anyways wink ....heeee who was it that called it moofnest? *gigggggle*:.) and at the moment i do still feel tied to this place.... beautifully so... it is a wonderful place... but yes i *would* like to see more of the world and eventually live in the forest and go adventuring to some festivals on the other side of the world and stuff... and i do feel an obligation (as well as the desired and love for it) to BE HERE when moonfest is on... to make sure it's all ok ... and well... mother it a bit if you like... maybe i'm ready for moonfest to leave MY nest hahahahahaha!!!!

One day i want to live in the forest ... and we can have parties there!!! hahaha!

and there is nothing to stop a few people getting together on a full moon ... even at the same sight... so long as it is NOT "moonfest" and is nowhere near as big. ... (and so long as it dosen't have my name attached to it ... i don't want to be liable for anything anymore ... it's too much responsibility for one little pixies sholders) ...baring in mind that if someoe *dose* deside to take up anything along the lines of moonfest that there *is* the issue of insurance...

so this isn't the end all of full moon goodness... and there are so very many other lovelie gatherings and parties to go to aswel.

I can't keep fighting the forses of the universe to keep it running just because a few people (including myself) will be upset.

awww... it absolutely breaks my heart... but i do feel that it is time to let go.

before you comment please .... remeber this is precious to me and so very close to my heart and i'd appreciate your support... i don't know *how* i am going to break the news to the moonfest community.... tough tough stuff... breaks my heart... if you are reading this you are one of the first to know.... along with me... i have a feeling the moon knew all along.

tread lightly as you tread on my dreams....:*


have a happy full moon and sleep well with blissful dreams under the full moon's light*:.

* day all the fairy fridges will be aligned and my pixie world will be complete...:*

GnorBRONZE Member
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You yummy energy flows out from this Miss Pixie. ubblove ubblove

I hear what you are saying and one day would love to come spin in your forest home and do henna and hair stuff instead of making it to a moonfest. When your joy becomes anxiety there is a message for you and you have heard it.

Blessings to you darl hug hug hug hug hug hug hug hug hug hug

Is it the Truth?
Is it Fair to all concerned?
Will it build Goodwill and Better Friendships?
Will it be Beneficial to all concerned?

Im in a lonely battle with the world with a fish to match the chip on my shoulder. Gnu in Binnu in a cnu

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ubblove Elke ubblove, I totally respect your decision and understand where you are coming from.

As another mummy mercat (ubblol great phrase!) I know what it was been like those last months.

Walking down hill to the gathering was always a buzz, but then being there and feeling the need to be so alert to the beeroids and kiddies (alas even firebreathers sigh) and the sense of disrespect creeping in... (that night the goblins stole my daughter's bag felt like a shift for me.) Twas an anxious feeling, and you are wise to listen to the moon in all her phases!

Total respect to you for what you created and nurtured and held for so long. hug Fly free! angel

.....Can't juggle balls but I sure as hell can juggle details....

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This was such a huge decission for you Pixie, and not a easy one at all to make. Yes people are going to be upset and miss the greatness that was Moonfest. But you need to be free to persue the bigger picture in your life. hug hug
I don't think anyone can hold anything against you for making this difficult choice. Peace peace angel

And i'd like to be the first to congratulate on what was "Moonfest" and thankx for all the joy you brought into my life and hundreds of others that 1 night a month. clap clap clap

:admires giant wooden aeroplane: Its about time trees were good for something, instead of just standing their like jerks!!! ubblol ubbtickled

Homer rocks!!!! ubblol ubbrollsmile

jcrsGOLD Member
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hug hug hug It's sad, but it was a GREAT run indeed. ubbrollsmile
I'm still kicking myself for missing the last one frown
Many thanks Pixie for what was Moonfest and the many happy memories that it has brought to everyone involved. hug

FireNixBRONZE Member
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Heh Pixie
I just wanna say THANK YOU and LOVE to you for all the energy you and others put into making MoonFest such a wonderfull meeting of lovely people within Lunar and Fires guidence.
I remember my 1 and only time at MoonFest with fond memories. Stepping off the plane to a waiting pair of lovely chauffeurs (and then there were 3!), getting to meet and play with so many wonderfull Brizites (and others) and to get re-chaufeured to the HOP hostel by the lovely one. Was SUCH a special evening for me - always will remain in my memoires as a beautiful way to be introduced to a country. BIG thanks to you all for that.
I feel as though your connection with the Moons energy and your own showed you the truth, thats a gift in itself.
So also is the timing of everything and the fact that you do get to finish and a Flowey MMMMMmmmmmm energy, not a horrible drunken accident - from reading things here it sounds as though things had changed with the people meeting there. It would have been even harder to have made this decision if the park were still open. So thank the council for digging up the park (???!!!)
I totally respect and understand your decision, although I think youre right in saying it wasnt really yours - La Luna knew and showed you and others all the signs.
I feel as though you will take that energy and guidence with you wherever you have the freedom to go now. I hope that I get to share that with you somewhere on the planet, sometime soon.
BIG Respect, Love and Squiggly Hugs to let you know what youve done is the right thing and youre a Pixie STAR XX

Feel the Flame

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Thanks for all your love, support and yummy vibes beautiful people... now, and over the many wonderful years of moonfest*:.


* day all the fairy fridges will be aligned and my pixie world will be complete...:*

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ubblove ubblove ubblove

* day all the fairy fridges will be aligned and my pixie world will be complete...:*

ben-ja-menGOLD Member
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hug i have fond memories of the moonfest i went to ubblove i hope that whatever new beginning awaits you is equally lovely smile

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourself, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous and talented? Who are you NOT to be?

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thanks lovely!

to quote Augra from the dark crystal "the end... or the beginning! what's the difference?"


would love a lil get together with some people in a park sometime? Ry! you planning any impromptue fire meets in a park any time soon... i guess the *planning* part of that question takes the *impromptue* part out of it huh? wink

ubblove hug grouphug

love and blissbubbles to you all!*:.

* day all the fairy fridges will be aligned and my pixie world will be complete...:*

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Thanks for running it up till now , and good luck in your future plans to live in the forrest (not easy to aford it though, its real depressing pricing land in NZ and too f **** ing hot up in North Queensland, even up at Sarina ,let alone where a rich 2 income couple might actualy aford a first home way up near tully).

I will always remember Moonfest as one of the best events Ive ever been involved with, on par with the Northey st solstice festival and Uberoz. Thanks once again and farewell from Adrian the Insane

~Leah~GOLD Member
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Just wanted to say thanks heaps pixie for all the time and sparkly energy you gave putting on Moonfest. Travelling down from the sunny coast once a month was fantastic, on the edge of my seat, asking 'are we there yet?, how long, hurry up!'. I'll miss everyone but I am so happy that you can finally relax and take time to connect your thoughts again Pixie. Living in the forest sounds beautiful. ubblove



Never hold your farts in! They travel up your spine, go into your brain and that's where shitty idea's come from.

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hehehe thanks all you gorgeous people*:. hug

Leah, maybe i'll have to make the effort and come join you guys up at fire and fun one of these days! biggrin

hehehe i'm not running off to the forest just yet... heheh it's funny how quite a few people have replied to my moonfest letter with almost a farewell lol... i'm not dead yet! heheheh ubblol and the forest thing was just a little dreamy wisp of an idea for my future somewhere... not the whole reason for stopping moonfest or anything hehe... there were just so many things saying "let it go now" you know?

the forest dream has *always* been there and eventually it will happen ... but yeah i'm sure there will be many moons between now and then hehe smile

and i'm keen to get to some of these other gatherings that other people are putting on ... no stressin for this lil pixie! hehe! hehe so yeah i reckon you might see me at a fire and fun some time soon! hnnn

* day all the fairy fridges will be aligned and my pixie world will be complete...:*

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