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Posted:Does anyone know where i can find liquid dance moves...like with glowsticks. I just got back from a party (i dont consider myself 2 good at liquid moves) and i had the entire dance floor hollar'n and jumpin cuz of my "moves", felt so good. Could anyone give me some websites.

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Posted:try www.glowsticking.com i think thats the one .
if u have a staff u can try break dancing with it me and my friend tried cept we cant break dance so it was quite amusin




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Posted:There are many threads on Liquid Dancing on this BB. All you have to do is SEARCH

Are we nearly there yet?



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Posted:theyre are two aspects to liquidisation, personally i dont use glow sticks but thats just me...
the first see and immitate then interperate
the second is imagingine and move thats my favourite you would be amazed at what your body can do when influenced by the mind... just practice a little with ur fav music and then something very VERY hardcore and see what diffenence it makes in your style,,, there are no limitations to liquiding after practice i can do standing flips and arials at will now not in a breakdance style in a fluid style,, to blow my own horn im an accomplished raver and have just pics things uop along the way and also plucked them from my mind,,, but if you happen to one our mtv generation and drugs and tv have fried ur mental capasity for emagination,.,, so be it,, do a search and see whats what,,, but its more fun learniing with a ten thousand what system gforcing rhythem and rhyme and beat down ur spine and through ur body, experience and believe

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Posted:Dude you need to lay off the drugs.
Just kidding but I still hardly understood a single thing you said.

I think House of rave has some videos of liquiding.Liquiding is also like the bastard child of miming and breakdancing.Most of it is rooted in pop and lock but the routines tend to be more to the influence of miming.You can also throw in some juggling.