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Posted:Can fireworks still be purchased for Guy Fawks night in NZ nowdays, or have they been banned since I was last over there in 1999. If they still have them , are there any big fire festivals full of things like fire walking, fireworks, bonfires and Fire Twirling likely to hapen in November 2006.

Later this year I am likely to over there with a list of missions including learning about permaculture and food hoarding, investigating land suitable and affordable for self sufficiency, preparing for the looming consequences of peak oil, learning to live extra frugally and looking for a wife to settle there with if I can handle the cold.

I could be tempted to leave my job and commence this trip a month earlier than I can realy afford to, but it would take a realy good dose of fire based activities to make me miss out on about 2 grand in lost income by leaving a month ahead of schedual.

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Yeah fireworks are legal in NZ, exception of anything which leaves the ground (ie skyrockets). The majority of fireworks sold in NZ are pretty cheap and basic... you need a permit to buy anything with *real* guts!


I said perhaps, and thats FINAL.

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