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I liked it a lot! I thought it was really good, actually. I highly recommend reading the book because they do leave out a good deal of the book (as might be expected when you squeeze a book like that into a 2.5-hour movie).

All the characters were well-selected, except for Tom Hanks as Langdon (he's too wooden...and besides, wasn't Langdon supposed to be handsome?).

The movie did leave out a lot of the finer details that I found so intriguing about the book, like the part where Teabing uses Remi's peanut allergy to kill him, but on the other hand, it got out the main message: that Dogma is not from God. And if people go to see it and it makes them think a bit, then it will have served its purpose.

There were some parts that they included that I thought could have been replaced by others. There was too much Paris and not enough London, for one thing. But all in all, given the time constraints, I felt that they got the important parts of the book and did a good job of neatly eliminating the parts that they couldn't include completely so that it wasn't confusing. But they still got the main points across.

But I'd have picked George Clooney for Langdon.

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