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Posted:How much would you pay for a handbag and cellphone that a rugby player had hit someone over the head with? Here in NZ, there is currently one going for over $100K. Click here for auction details.

I thought it was worth a laugh, maybe you will too.

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Posted:not that much, unless it was still soaked in said rugby players blood... what's the bets that it's fake?...

Some girl got in the paper today for stealing David Beckhams hat and pinching his bum, admittedly it was the Sun, but still, cheek of it, i'd want my frickin' hat back if i was him...

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Posted:Only if it had a winning lottery ticket inside lol

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Posted:I really struggle to visualise Lomo-alikes girling around with handbags, is that the new generation of the once almighty All Black ?
Kinda like the Kiwi answer to romancing US Cowboys ...


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