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Posted:i do fire breathing occasionnally for clubs and so on and on one night i think i may have overdone it and breathed around 1.5 litres of fuel throught the evening. i was wondering (wether i swallowed any or not) the paraffin could still find its way into my bloodstream due to the amount i aspirated over the course of the night. (i did accidently swallow some, but luckily i had no ill effects, apart from paraffin burps)

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Posted:eek it doesnt go into your bloodstream, it settles in your lungs and builds up like tar from smoking, which is un-avoidable when firebreathing. you do know all the effects which may occur even if you practice 100% perfect precautions right?

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Posted:It doesn't always go into your lungs, but it does go into your digestive process and since it doesn't really get digested or simply pass through, it actually taxes your liver, pancreas and kidneys...which serve as filters for the body.

It is believed that it gets into your blood stream through the thin membranes in your mouth and gums though. While there is no real testing of that theory, the gum disease it causes it pretty much cause to believe it is true.

So the long and short of it is....yup, swallowed or not it gets into the body and can cause damage.

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Posted:From all I know about chemistry (which is quite a bit) Pele is right, it should have absolutely no problems getting through the membranes in your mouth. Especially the traces of stuff like benzene, which can cause cancer.

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