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Location: New South Wales

ok just post 20 thing that are random about yourself

1. i like drawing tattoo designs

2. i want to be a part time tattoist when i leave school (while at uni)

3. i love snakes

4. i wear alot of black but am not a goth

5. i like to dye my hair

6. my favourite band is blink 182

7. i have been to 4 continents and over 10 countrys

8. i hate the taste of milk

9. i sometimes eat ceral for lunch and dinner

10. i like to eat broccoli raw

11. i paint my left thumb nail black and white checker

12. i play bass and am in a band

13. i love snowboarding

14. i also love skateboarding

15. i have broken to many bones to mention

16. i have had an 240v electric shocks 5 times

17. i am going to a wedding in november

18. i have an ipod and love them

19. i love thrill rides like the giant drop and the cyclone and just last weekend i went on the slingshot

20. i might be going to america for 12-18 months in a couple of years

well i got there smile

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Location: Brisbane

Your still here!!!

:admires giant wooden aeroplane: Its about time trees were good for something, instead of just standing their like jerks!!! ubblol ubbtickled

Homer rocks!!!! ubblol ubbrollsmile

gitaSILVER Member
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Location: brizvegas, Australia

yes...yes i am! holidays & procrastination are fantastic things!! ubblol hug

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smile! grin it confuses people!

Sunnygirl 121 posts
Location: Sunshine Coast

20 random things about myself.... I..
1. am new to poi and fire stick
2. haved lived on the Sunshine Coast for 10 months
3. grew up in Dubbo, NSW
4. love Spongebob Squarepants
5. named the snail in my fish tank Gary... meow
6. love vw kombi's and beetles
7. drive a 1975 kombi
8. love the beach
9. like taking photos
10. have one sister
11. have never been overseas
12. love the Muppets
13. am shy
14. love watching lightning
15. love QLD winters - nowhere near as cold as back home!!
16. don't know very many people here in QLD
17. have long hair
18. played ten pin bowling for about 13 years
19. can wiggle my ears
20. think sea turtles and orangutans are beautiful

gitaSILVER Member
.:*distracted by shiny things*:.
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Location: brizvegas, Australia

you can wiggle your ears!? eek that is so kewl! biggrin clap

do not meddle in the affairs of dragons, for you are crunchy and good to eat!

if at first you do succeed, try not to look too astonished!

smile! grin it confuses people!

Sunnygirl 121 posts
Location: Sunshine Coast

ubbloco yeah my pop did it when i was little and i thought it was cool and taught myself how to do it

ChimneyBRONZE Member
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Location: Scotland (UK)

1. I'm a qualified marine mammal medic
2. I work and live next to a mental asylum.
3. I have 20 ferrets and 3 dogs at present.
4. I am an irn-bruaholic.
5. I want to be spirited away sometime.
6. My leg hairs are blonde.
7. I'm an ordained minister in America.
8. I often wear a kilt just for the sense of openess.
9. I want to be a drug dealer (pharmacist).
10.I just love colours and flowers and rolling green hills and mountains and water and wind and nature. It's wonderful!


whiterose 14 posts

Posted: mind works in music
3.i am addicted to the internet
4.i drink diet coke
5.i have a fear of spiders
6.i paint my toe nails so that my feet look better
7.i want to go on holiday!!!!
8.i wish i would win the lottery
9.i check my tarot cards everyday but i can't actually read them properly
10.i make mistakes all the time
11.i attrack strange people and i dont really know what that says about me lol
12.i like the heat but not when it is too hot and i like the cold but not when it is too cold
13.i actually dont like xmas
14.i like bright/noticable colours
15.i hardly ever dry my hair with a hair dryer
16.i am interested in all things alternative just cause thats what i like
17.i listen to britney and xtina mainly in the car for car karaoke purposes
18.i love to dance
19.i can't really spell and don't really care
20.i lead a rather unstable lifestyle lol

hamamelisBRONZE Member
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Location: Bouncing off the walls., England (UK)


1. My parents originally met in the Monkey house at Chester Zoo
2. I can sit on my hair (and no, I don't mean it's a wig)
3. I broke my nose when I was 3 and nobody noticed, and it never set right.
4. I have mudskippers at home, which are cute, but keep trying to kill each other.
5. I can twitch my left ear (but not my right.. yet)
6. I often prefer animals to people.
7. My parents now own a zoo
8 I work in an aquarium, not my parent's place anymore, and I'm not sure I like it.
9. I'm not actually finding this hard.
10. I have no dress sense
11. I'm vegetarian
12. I have awful skin. It's falling to bits.
13. I have one brother, who's older, and I rarely see.
14. Hopefully, I'll be going to Australia in October
15. Unfurtunately, that means I'm going to have to miss my cousin's wedding frown
16. I don't have a mobile phone.
17. I've left home 3 times so far, but am back living with my parents.
18. We've never had a television.
19. I want to emigrate to New Zealand
20. I dropped out of Uni after one semester, 5 years ago, and still keep going on about it.


If that's okay with you?

faith enfireBRONZE Member
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Location: Wisconsin, USA

i want mudskippers and to work for your parents

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daizeSILVER Member
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Location: Falmouth, Cornwall, England (UK)

1- Enjoyed putting finger in light bulb sockets as a child.
2- My bed is covered in eraser rubbings.
3- When 12, accidently twacked my crush in head with a golf ball. He chased, I ran, believed he was going to kill me.
4- Enjoyed playing hide and seek until around 14...
5- ...Misses it
6- When raining, sits by the window. Absorbs the sounds and sensations, of feeling fresh, and alive.
7- My left foot is longer than my right.
8- Melancholy ray of sunshine.
9- Constantly fears the inevitable end.
10- Wants to learn the violin, piano, and to speak french
11- Loves nature, wishes to be a tree.
12- Dances alone.
13- Reformed scruffy dresser.
14- Partial to breezes.
15- Hopeless dreamer and romantic.
16- Tendancy not to finish...

IgirisujinSILVER Member
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Location: Preston, United Kingdom

 Written by:

Wants to learn the violin, piano, and to speak french

Me 2! Right your the coolest person on hop now...for about a week then I will probably call someone else cooler biggrin, im so that the right word?

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daizeSILVER Member
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Location: Falmouth, Cornwall, England (UK)

Big geek really.

~Leah~GOLD Member
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Location: Sunshine Coast, Australia

1. not sure what I want to do in life
2. I own a 9ft longboard named steve
3. I've died 3 times
4, I've got ugly feet and toes eek
5. my first car was a yellow 66 vw bettle named Josie
6. sold it for my curret car 1975 vw kombi named Mr Dak
7. married to my best friend and soul mate
8. got 2 tattoos, not sure if I want more
9. i live accross the road from an airport on a busy road and hate it
10. will be selling the house in a few months
11. I own 2 dogs, Shep and Nisa
12. My brother-in-law is staying here at the moment and I don't like him (I'm hiding from him now!)
13. love my dreadies, I want to dye them
14. I work at a resort
15. i miss my brother and sister
16. I love summer and find winter depressing
17. i don't see my dad very often, which is fine.
18. not sure where I want to live
19. wish my friends lived closer
20. I never want to have kids.

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TinksSILVER Member
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Location: London/Brighton, Wales (UK)

ok here goes as fast as poss:
1 i can still get my feet behind my head, but pretty soon will need to call an ambulance straight after
2 i can carry 16 pint glasses at once
3 i was a druid priestess in a former life
4 i don't trust people who wear tinted glasses (i'm not talking coloured sunglasses here)
5 my root chakra is feeling a bit wibbly
6 i love no sound more than rain on canvas
7 i scare myself by staring at my reflection in the mirror making faces
8 johnny depp is my soulmate he just doesn't know it yet
9 i believe i will be a cat in my next life
10 i hate seafood with a passion and go to great lengths to avoid it
11 i have taken most of my piercings out and am itching to get another one
12 i wish i was arwen in lord of the rings
13 i have a strange penchant for tall dark aquarians
14 i am obsessed with the illuminati
15 i find it hard to leave my duvet each morning
16 i can feel a thunderstorm way way before i see or hear it
17 i want to learn to read body language better
18 i am getting bored of talking about me
19 oh good, nearly finished, i love playing aggressive music really loud it makes me feel full of power
20 i am scared of astral projection but want to learn how to fly

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shroomoSILVER Member
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Location: South London/Brighton (Surrey/Sussex), United King...


1) I have 2 beautiful pet rats (psycho + domino)

2) Im slightly obsessed with electronic gadgets

3) I met a girl in the first week of college and she moved in with me 2 weeks afterwards, im still with her now nearly 4yrs later.

4) Im a nurse in an NHS minor injuries unit (night shifts)

5) Im nocturnal

6) Im very skinny despite the amount of cr4p i eat!

7) I love VW's and i've owned 1 camper, 2 polo's + 1 golf

8) Im doing this on the computer in the reception at work and keep having to stop to book people in with silly things that they should have gone to thier GP about!

9) I love dark blue

10) I go raving nearly every saturday night

11) I once lost my driving lisence for driving like a pr1ck

12) I have taken a variety of drugs before but pot is the only one for me.

13) Spiders and scorpions are the only animals that scare me

14) I secretly fancy my best mates girlfriend! shrug (not that i would EVER come between them I love my Simo baby!)

15) I play bass guitar but im not very good

16) I have a snowboard instructer qualification

17) I REALLY want to try kite-surfing

18) My life goal is to own a boat and a porsche!

19) Im starting my paramedic training in January

20) Im now going to go and have a cigurette!
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Sun_Puppy 31 posts

1. I have a lazy eye.
2. My favourite animal is a spotted cuscus.
3. I can't sleep without earplugs in.
4. I am taking my Grade 3 clarinet exam soon.
5. I had spaghetti for tea.
6. My favourite fruit is a nectarine.
7. I don't think I've ever been in love.
8. I run a website about female racing drivers.
9. I live in a rubbish town called Daventry with no other spinners in it. frown
10. I am going back to university next year to study Archaeology again.
11. The theme song from Watership Down makes me burst into floods of uncontrollable tears.
12. I've been above the Arctic circle, dogsledding.
13. I like carnivorous plants a great deal.
14. I own a racing car with no engine and WILL be a racing driver one day.
15. Sometimes I like being by myself.
16. I'm terrified of wasps.
17. I am the biggest indie geek in the world and I love my music.
18. I'd like to write a novel.
19. I think that baby animals are the cutest thing in the world.
20. All of my backwards/reverse poi moves really need working on!

yuhuu 74 posts
Location: France (Paris) // USA (California)

1. I like watching the sky by night and thinking..

2. I am half french half italian

3. I am scared of big dogs

4. I was fan of britney spears (from 10 to 12 years-old)redface

5. I am in love with someone who probably doesn't love me..

6. I have lived in Australia for 1year and half when I was 4

7. My hands are often very cold even if the weather's warm

8. I am a sagitarius

9. I love autumn

10. I am scared to pass my driver liscence

11. I have two step sisters

12. I like vynil disk and wearing a beret

13. I wish I had blond hair

14. I love old italian movies

15. I don't like sodas

16. I want a piercing (belly button)

17. I like 70's music

18. I like celtic music and I speak a little bit Irish

19. According to my friends, I am a strange person

20. going to watch T.V, I'm tired...