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Posted:With my trip to London fast approaching, I'm wondering approximately how much it costs to live in London. ie rent, transport (tube), food, etc per week. If anyone can give me a few hints, I want to make sure I have enough money to live on while I'm there if I have difficulty finding work....




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Posted:it ain't cheap

as a rough guide:

rent inside zone 2: 300 per month
travelcard (tubes): 60 per month
food (depends what u eat but...): 30 a week

the more people you share with the cheaper it gets.

anyone know thirty people that wanna share a two bedroom flat with me...?

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Posted:i'm in for the 30 in a 2 bed flat...
thanx for that though, is exactly what I needed, and was pretty much what I was expecting.


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Posted:just glad glass always finds me floor space in london
i hope your stay in london is a good one.


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Posted:Gosh, and I was just about to ask the same question!

Basically I've applied for a job that's paying pretty much 18 g a year (inclusive of London weighting) in Waterloo and was wondering if this is going to be enough to move out (again!) from Parents house. It's odd because Guildford is probably more expensive to live in, but I was thinking about moving half way; Epsom/Woking kind of place - within easy reach of London and Guildford.
My friend who I'm looking to share with works in Oxford Street (Programming PS2 games lucky git) so this sounds rather cool.

But, heck, you've anwered all my questions really
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Posted:Hey Durbs, If you live close enough and want to share with an aussie, we'll work something out *grinz*


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I earn peanuts, my rent is almost 400 a month and I help support my boyfriend who only earns about 40-50 quid a week.

Depends on the type of lifestyle you crave.

There is loads of fun stuff to do in London that is free and I avoid going out anywhere that charges ridiculous prices.

Most definitely you can manage to have a good time on 18k so come to London


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