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tartanfairyBRONZE Member
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There's a fantastic-looking event going on throughout the UK and the Northern Hemisphere on 10th June 2006, it's....

biggrin *The World Naked Bike Ride* biggrin

Here are the links which will answer any questions about it..

But in a nutshell, it's a naked bike ride (or roller blade) throughout the city centres of Brighton, Bath, Edinburgh and London to protest against oil dependency and vehicle emissions/reliance.

"As bare as you dare" ubblol hehehe... anyone brave enough?

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TinyPixieSILVER Member
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Wow! this is awesome! hehe! I'm a litte shy though redface redface oh, and I can't do either of those things without falling over lots frown It's a really good cause though...

Is anyone brave enough to do this?

Oh, and do you think we could bomb a few Essos on the way?

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Your avatar looks like a willy! biggrin

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 Written by: UnConvincinglyOvertlyFunny

Your avatar looks like a willy! biggrin

rofl you to point that one out biggrin

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