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Posted:An interesting thing happened to me this morning: Sitting at my desk, keeping the wheels of commerce turning and that sort of thing, when my vision got up and left. All I could see were colours and bright jagged lines, for about 1 1/2 hours which made life a little tricky. Normally, I have to pay good money to get effects like that, but this time it was free, and not at all welcome. A visit to the doctors told me I'd suffered an "occular migraine", although he couldn't say how to avoid getting another one. I was wondering if anyone else gets these, or just normal migraines, and what you do to avoid/cure them, apart from throwing paracetamol down your throat. I've already considered what I think is the best cure for just about anything :

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Posted:Mikey - well I don't know about the attractive thing (beauty is in the eye of the beholder) - but I am a gurl..

I honour you as an aspect of myself..

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Posted:how did i turn a thread about miagranes into the sexually orientated piece of HOP humour,, damn internet..

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Posted:Foods like chocolate,oranges,potatoes and tomatoes can trigger migraines.You could try reflexology or accupressure to ease the symptoms.As an aromatherapist I suggest oils such as Peppermint,Rosemary,Sweet Marjoram and Basil.

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P.S. Can anyone think of the metaphysical reasons why someone would hallucinate or get a flash back, could it be that they arn't seeing things/situations clearly?

P.P.S. I'm not saying anyone on this board doesn't have a clear grip on reality (all the time ), i'm just curious about this sorta thing.

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Posted:Everyone who ever gets migranes gets my whole-hearted sympathy! I used to get them at high school every monday without fail...and atleast 3 times a week! (and yes i did hate school..but i don't think THAT had an affect)!
The first sign i knew i was getting one....
looking at my hand i would see 2 fingers and looking at a face one eye and a mouth (freakiest thing ever...teachers are crazy enough looking in the first place)!

The whole sex thing.....that would look kinda screwed up hehehehheeh!

i say just find a rock to crawl under and u should be fine

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Posted:i find i can run most sicknesses off . if im feeling sick and i run i always feel better. doesn't make any sense to me but it works


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Posted:Ok, horrible migraine story for me today. I decided to have a smoke in the hope that it might help. Then things took a bad turn. Bout half an hour it got worst and me thinks I got a bit paranoid. The pain got really bad and the tablets I'd taken had done nothing. I started hyperventilating and then I got pins and needles in my hands and feet which meant to me that I must certainly be dying. A friend of mines mother dies suddenly of a brain hemmorage last year and I think that might have had somethin to do with the thoughts running through me head.

I went running across the road half dressed stopping traffic to the doctors across the road and came bursting through thhe door like crazed lunny hardly able to talk or even breath.

Well the good news is that I didn't have to wait in the cue. Scored me a pain injection and some valium too so the story had a happy ending after all.

I've still got a headache but hopefully the worst of it is over now.

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Posted:Hyperventilating has caused pins in needles in me on almost every occasion.

You're still here!

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Posted:yuck migraines suck dont they?! i dont get them not alot but when i do they are sooo painfull i always find camomile tea or something with menthol in it helps quite alot that and sleep

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Posted:i've been getting migraines since i was a little kid and i wouldnt wish them upon my worst enemy. Mine are actually hereditary through my dad so it might be a good idea to see if anyone else in your family gets/ has had them. Also in females apparently they can be cause by not having enough estrogen (?) thats what my friend was told anyway. i normally get them when ive been eating badly, am stressed or really dehydrated and the only way i can get away from them is to take something to knock me out so i can sleep it off. growing up my dad always used to hold my head and tell me he was absorbing all the pain because he was big and strong and his body could handle it, its amazing how well that works if you beleive it.



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