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Posted:Am I alone on HOP in being in love with the whole Nerds FC team?

For those who aren't from Oz/don't watch SBS, its the only reality TV show that has remotely appealed to me of late. Basically its taking a team of self-confessed nerds from Sydney universities, and trying to build them into a soccer team that will take on one of the Australian league teams.

There's very little soccer involved for some reason, but the real reason to watch it is the guys. They are funny and self deprecating and incredibly enthusiastic, albeit a bit eccentric.

There's a die-hard lefty that wanted to run the team as a collective, a guy who wrote his own language, and a guy with a monobrow that takes over his whole face. Am I alone in loving this show?
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Posted:its hilarious! i just like the fact they made a team song, and are actually the ones singing it, even though they have shocking voices! its so great, defintaly one of the best reality tv series.

and the guy who made his own language? ubblol at least the show did actually get real nerds. he is the only one who can read/speak and write it. whats the point? ubblol

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Posted:Don't knock the language thing. That's what got Tolkien going. smile


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^ precicely what i was going to say. Elvish is a "real" language, and i even know a couple die-hard lotr fans that actually speak it (maybe not fluently, but they do speak it).

i haven't actually seen this show though, i must look out for it, sounds good.

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