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MedusaSILVER Member
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Now I would like to make it clear I am not going to Indonesia I am looking for someone in Indonesia who might be able to help me out with something....

I used to live there back in 1997-98 and have since found out that a small band from the city I used to live in has gone HUGE in of the band members is a guy I used to go to school with and was good friends with at the time (I still have his first songs that his band did on casette long before they became big time!).

The band is called Shelia on 7 and I am wanting to get copies of their albums....I am willing to pay to have them bought and sent out to me (plus some extra for your trouble).

Please does anyone know how I can get hold of this or can help me out with this HUGE favour???

Kalau bisa bantu saya, saya akan senang sekali! Maafkan saya karena Bahasa Indonesia saya jelek sekali!!!

Terima kasih bangat!

Thank you so very much.

Mr MajestikSILVER Member
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maybe you should just try to contact your friend from the band............

i'm sure they'd love to get those early tracks you have of theirs(you could get a mention on their cd for suppling them!)

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