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I know some of you have issues with the spastic juggler. Well, here's your chance to outdo him! Here's the info:
About fatboyslim
Be Fatboy Slims Next Music Video!

Fatboy Slims videos always break new ground -(think of the dance troupe in Praise You or Christopher Walkens extraordinary dancing in Weapon Of Choice). The video for his new single That Old Pair Of Jeans is another tale of the unexpected. Renowned comedian and entertainer Chris Bliss interprets the music of Fatboy Slim through the medium of juggling-brilliant!

Can you juggle to music like Chris Bliss? If Fatboy Slim thinks so too then he'll pick your juggler video to be the winning video that will feature on the enhanced version of the second single to be released from the Greatest Hits album this Summer.

Heres what you do:

1) Make your own version of Fatboy Slims juggler video

2) Upload your video in the MySpace Videos section

3) Copy the embed code from the right hand side of the Video display page

4) Paste the video embed code in a comment to Fat Boy Slim on myspace by 8/06/06

Heres what Fatboy Slim does:

1) Watches all the videos

2) Picks his favourite one to go on the single

3) Announces the winner on myspace

Here's the link:

- Sui

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cheers mcp,
also thanks to nick and allister from queens uni jugglingclub(*belfast)........nice work please add more of these vids to the site and let us all know about it.
purple please forward the request

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Will do...

Getting to the other side smile

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