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July 11-15. 2006.
Streetart in Veszprm, Hungary

Five days long festival takes place in a beautiful one thousand years old town: Veszprm, Hungary, Central Europe. It is located 13 km far from lake Balaton, biggest lake in Europe.

The idea of the festival is a gathering for musicians and streetmusicians originally,it already has a history of 5 years. In 2006 the organisers would love to open the festival gates for streetperformers,jugglers, firejugglers, clowns, pantonime artists, dancers, street theaters, acrobats, mims, showmen, stilcwalkers and all the different kinds of circus art and new circus is very welcome to participate and perform.

The festival is quite big, every day 10,000 people are enjoying concerts from different regions of Hungary and Eastern Europe. The festival is free for public, takes place ont he street. For street artists it is a good chance to earn money with basking (magic hat) and in Hungary it is legal and welcome.

There are two main areas given to streetperfomers, stage, Gym hall, cheap accomodation (5 days 10 euro), shower, camping area, different kinds of juggling workshops and professional performances.

Our aim is to invite beginners and professionals to a gathering, where we could change experience, progress our skills, make new connections, create and play together, enjoy concerts and sunshine in a beautiful place.

Contact: (anna kiss)

For some of the teams and performers it is possible to get some support from the budget, if needed. Please send us information about you and your work until May 20.

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