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Posted:Does the color of the staff make a difference? My son and I have been working on a "simultaneous javelin throw" staff exchange. Works great in the daytime with the practice staffs but when we tried "on fire", it's hard to see the black staff with the black grips. I haven't tried any high throws with flames but I imagine you would have the same problem.

Do white staff or light colored grips make a difference?

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Posted:well - they would make it marginally easier to see at night - but my preference is just for a single strip of white electrical tape in the middle of the staff. It quite easy to focus on that, pick the rotation, as well as catch it in the centre.

centre mark is handy for contact moves as well smile

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Posted:Colour has a "u" in it. smile
[/unhelpul pro-british pedanticness]

White electrical tape is pretty visible, yeah. If you can get yourself some shiny reflective tape or something, that also works pretty well smile

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Posted: Written by: Fine_Rabid_Dog

Colour has a "u" in it. smile
[/unhelpul pro-british pedanticness]

not in america it doesn't! wink rolleyes

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Posted: Written by: boobookittyfudge

 Written by: Fine_Rabid_Dog

Colour has a "u" in it. smile
[/unhelpul pro-british pedanticness]

not in america it doesn't! wink rolleyes

Indeed, but who cares? wink

Back on subject, I've found that having great big wicks is the best thing to help see my staff at night. 45mm or 65mm doesn't really illuminate it as well as a good sized 120mm wick smile

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