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Location: Lismore NSW

I would like to extend an invitation to any and all fire spirits who are near or feel like visiting Lismore on the 17th of June. The 12th annual Lismore Lantern Parade is on again and I have a vision of many many fire spinners providing pre show entertainment. I can't offer any money but I will provide the fuel and you will have the chance to perform in front of a crowd of around about 7,000 people! We put on a pretty special show with lots of large lanterns / illuminated puppets / shadow / heaps of fire and of course a touch of pyro and would love to have you come be a part of our solstice celebration.

check out our website lismore lantern parade and pm me if you think you might be interested.
Love and light, Elly.

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Location: NSW

Hey Elly!!

Its Kellie, i will be there. Not too sure how i would go infront of 7,000 people but i will see how i go hehe. Maybe i could try to learn more tricks before then!

Blessed be


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BasstonesGOLD Member
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Location: Brisbane, Australia

As of march I will be living not far from Kyogle, so would love to come and check this out smile Looks like a great event smile

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keyarghahPLATINUM Member
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Location: Sydney at heart., Australia

oooow i was all excited.

how can we live in the same state and be EIGHT HOURS away.



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