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Posted:Hey guys this is my first time posting here. I recently produced this video for my friend who does Poi. We met in the middle of a large snowed over field in january and I filmed almost a half hours worth of poi and condensed it into this video.
It's not a critique video, its more of an artsy thing.

He is using a kerosene for the flame, and denim wicks.

Thanks for looking.

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I cant told you know what I think, but someone else,
may can?




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Posted:some nice editing ideas there especially the overlaying of spinning lights over each other, but I did find the vid a little bit repetitive, and there were some jumps at the start of the vid between transitions.

I would have liked to have seen a few more tricks or body movement in a vid that long, and your mate seemed a bit serious during it!

Thanks for posting! smile

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