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Posted:Live Space Tribe (Space Tribe)AUS
Silicon Sound (Neurobiotic)FRA
MR Peculiar (Sonic Dragon)AUS
Azax Syndrom ( 3D Vision)IL
Freakulizer(Alchemy rec)CH
Hujaboy(TIP rec)IL
DJs DJ Antaro(Spirit Zone,VooV0 GER
DJ Goblin(Psysex HOMmega)
DJ Scotty [VooV Experience]
DJ SabaiiSabaii [Spiritzone]
DJ Aamon(Agitato rec)SWE
DJ Karan(Third eye rec)IND
Djane Livia(Solaris Editions)BRA
DJ Idefix(Index rec,Physical Team)CH
DJ Naikido (Nandan CH)
DJ Pat(Blackmoon KO Phangan TH)
DJ Leung(Blackmoon Ko Phangan TH)
DJ Note (Potaram TH)
DJ Psycotic(Ban Thai Ko Phangan)TH
DJ Jacky(Ozzy bar Bangkok)
DJ Nitrox [Wannas Tribes]
DJ Dust (Citronix org CH)
DJ Sanuk [Psychonautic mindlab]

Chill Dominic Allen(Interchill rec)UK
As part of the chill out area we will have a massagearea again where you can receive a traditional Thai Massage.
Chai Tea Tent
Deco Wannas Tribes
Digital escape
Location Greenspirit Party takes place by the village Na Thai in a Rubbertreegarden (out in the green) destrict Krabi ( 4 Km from the famous Ao nang, Nopparatara beach RayLey ,Tonsai and Phranangbeaches. 15 Km from Krabi Town. Since a few years Krabi has his own airport and can be reached easy directly from Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur or Singapur.
Entry fee 32 Euro (presale 26 Euro)
Hotline 0066 1 8940208 ICQ:107533953 MSN:
Organizer wannas Tribes
Infos More info,presaletickets ,location and shopinfo you can find in the website

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Posted:New artists confirmed

deco by Amrisha
Visual by Nico Psyart


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