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just curious as to the people who frequent this forum, rather than wanting to categorise everyone .. but polls do seem to attract interest wink

happy spinnin!

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I tend to just go with what the juggling society in St Andrews gtives me but I do have my own insurance and do also do some of my own gigs but nothing to big or important. So which am I? I have no idea...

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i do gigs in london, but luckily no-ones asked me if i have insurance... where can i get it

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i wouldnt really say i'm any of those, i have friends that spin and i enjoy spinning now n then, either by myslef or with others.

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what about a hobbiest who loves the social side, but still spins in the comfort of her own backyard, and does the rare gig?

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I've got insurance and all that jazz. I'm not part of a troope though, just a safety and myself.

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