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Posted:I've just got this from Charlie Hull, the guy who runs the Cambridge Juggling Club. I know nothing baout it, but it might interest some of you...

 Written by: email I got

Did you like STOMP / BLUE MAN GROUP / CIRQUE DU SOLEIL? Want to be
part of something even better?

Call for auditions for performers, musicians and crew.

A brand new, extremely ambitious physical theatre/dance show, working
title "Terpsichore", to go to the Edinburgh Fringe in 2007.

If you are interested, email TERPSICHORE2007@GOOGLEMAIL.COM to arrange
an audition. The first round of auditions will be held throughout May,
so email soon.

PERFORMERS, you must have reasonable strength, fitness & flexibility,
and a sense of rhythm, and apart from that ANY OF THE FOLLOWING SKILLS

Drumming/percussion ability or other musical experience
Folk dance
Parkour / Free Running
Tricking / Acrobatics
Circus : aerial, tumbling, poi, staff, juggling, devilsticks, etc
Martial arts, particularly weapon training or showy/acrobatic styles
Contemporary dance, rock & roll, tap dance or any energetic dance style
Any unusual skills you think may impress us!

We don't expect you to know all of these skills, but you must be
willing to learn some new things - and to teach!

MUSICIANS, we are not interested in virtuoso ability. We want people
who relish the sheer enjoyment of jamming with other people. Any
instruments will be considered! Special preference will be given to
those who play a wide variety of instruments. Unusual instruments -
theremin, hang, didjibodhran, chapman stick, musical saw? - are a

You will enjoy yourself more if you like { electronica, cool/fusion
jazz, breakbeat, afro-beat, funk, jungle, drum & bass }, though we
will play a wide variety of cross genre music. Listen to bands like {
Afro Celt Sound System, Future Sound Of London, DJ Shadow, Mr Scruff,
Fourtet, Behavior, Cafe Du Midi }

CREW The sets, the lighting, and the logistics will all be highly
unusual and challenging. Our sets will not be static backdrops, but
things that will be completely assembled, altered and disassembled by
the performers on the fly during the show. The lighting will have to
be closely synchronised with the musicians and performers. If you are
inventive and handy, we have a challenge for you.

COMMITTEE, we need people to do publicity, treasury, insurance,
administration, assistant stage management. Being on the committee
doesn't preclude you from being a performer or a musician as well!

Email TERPSICHORE2007@GOOGLEMAIL.COM to organise an audition!

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Posted:OOhthanks Sym!
May well check that out! hug


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