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I have been on HoP for about 8 months so far. And The main thing I have noticed at meets that i have been to that many people Love to give Hugs to each hug hug other hug hug

So imagine to my suprise when I saw on TV an article on the news that Huggin has become an artform grouphug grouphug

So Hugging has become an artform by hugging a total stranger.
Its in Nottingham, so anyone who is in the area may actually join the Hugging Experience biggrin biggrin

And do people consider the ability to hug a total stranger an artform? confused

PS HoPper Hugs are the Best hug

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A:"One, but another 99 others saying,'I could do that if I only practised more'" biggrin biggrin

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spank no hug matches a HoPpy hug hehe especially if that hug comes from your owner * elbows blu* aint that right lolo!!! wink

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Mr Chutney has already made a thread about this...

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JAC - don't worry if your thread gets bumped... it's the intent that counts...

But yes, I consider hugging a complete stranger (578lbs, not shaved for a week, no toothbrush for a month, no change of (under)wear for a year and no shower for a decade) an artform...

needs loads of practice...

*errm would you come over and practice with me Bernie?* wink

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I don't know about you guys, but if some random person went to hug me when I was shopping or something I'd be pretty freaked out. I don't see it as an artform at all.

Yeah hugs are awesome, but only with people you know tongue

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 Written by: Roarfire

Yeah hugs are awesome, but only with people you know


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so i was thinking that they must have some cultural theory back up for this "exhibition", some way of saying ti was an artform, y'know they could have blagged by talking about isolation and disattachment amongst people, becuase they are are too numbed by all the advertising and blah blah of the postmodern age, to slow down and have a hug from a complete stranger.... but no... they have nothing like that... Gaobrothers so i have come to the conclusion, that they just wanna be hugged, and by calling it an artform they got lots of sponsorship to travel round the world doing it.

I also think that 15 minutes is a rather excessively long time to hug a complete random stranger in the middle of the street, what if you got someone who was a bit stinky, or if it was cold and raining and you got cramp and couldn't let go of them...? ubblol

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