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Posted:Another thread made me think about starting this topic:

Last week we were discussing people taking photos and how it may reflect if they are taking photos on one "type" or twirler and how it may reflect badly on the community (Goths seemed to be the main target in of this discussion).

I always believed that the fire community was open and accepting of all types of people, not just one certain set, but lately after seeing not just one the other board but also a couple of discussion so n here, maybe twirlers aren't as open minded as they might like to think they are.

On the outside generally most groups tend to be very open and accepting but when presented with someone that may be out of the norm to what they would normally be around they get very tetchy and closeminded.

Emos were the target in one such thread on this board which is the one that got me thinking about it.

Why is it that some people no matter who you are or what group you are in tend to judge people just because they, dress, act or sound differently to you.

Just because one person is an "emo"/"goth"/"hippy" or whatever other tag you want to label them with how do you know that they are not nice people?

I was a goth once upon a time and I find most goths are quite nice (most are really shy actually) if you just give them the time of day. I don't know what my label would be now, but I try to think of myself as open minded enough to at least give someone a chance without judging them on their appearance, what they wear, their hiarstyle or hair colour.

So are we becoming a very close minded group and if so why? Why are we laughing at certain groups within society today? Why are we classifying certain groups as less worthy of our attention than others?

Don't know if I have worded this all that well but I hope people get my drift...

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Posted: Written by: Psycho_lemming

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Posted:wait for mmeeeeee

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