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Posted:i have only just started to post on HOP and well i thought i'd put a thread up on here about the gathering we have in devon. Its not that big of a meet but it is a regular thing. our next one is on Friday 28th April. at Hollicombe Beach , Torquay. From 7pm onwards.
Following going to Falmouth 5 me and a few friends have decided to have a beach fire aswell. The beaches in torquay are fire friendly so it wont be a problem.

Please if your from south devon, or north devon, try and come along. will be cool to meet new people too.

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Posted:i probably will come to this,

i'll try my best

anyone else?

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Posted:If this is a regular meet i may be able to make it on the 5th may, as i will in the area at the time!

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